Friday 22 October 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Nothing! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This has been a week of nothing. Nothing exciting happening and I've had nothing much to do apart from the usual housework. I am not complaining, it has been nice to nothing and have a week of peace and quiet.

I mentioned last week that we had a yearly gas safety check and our boiler needed a little fix of a new part which might be hard to come by as the boiler is quite old. The boiler man said he would get back to us and we heard nothing from him until the landlord got back in touch with him and said he couldn't find the part so we'd need a new boiler. The landlord isn't daft and rang the boiler part company and asked if they had the part and they had plenty. We have a feeling that the boiler man was just hoping to put a new boiler in and then get extra money. It turns out now with the found part it's going to cost about £150 instead of a couple of thousand. That boiler man won't be coming back next year to do the checks.

The kids have had a quiet week at school and college. They haven't been up to much really, just plodding on with their work and there is nothing much to report. Ellie has gone from having homework every evening to nothing! They seem to do this every year, go in all guns blazing at the start of term and then in trails off.

I went and had a look around the local auction yesterday and there was nothing in that I really fancy bidding on. There was a lot of Christmas decorations but I know we already have more than enough. Becky and I spent a good couple of hours there just chatting to the people who run it. Talking about nothing in particular but having such a laugh. My sides were actually aching from laughing.

We are very excited about the half term holidays starting today. We have nothing much planned for next week apart from Becky and Ellie are going to have a day out in town. Becky said when she got her first pay from work she was going to treat her sister to a few hours out, a drink from Starbucks and a look around Primark. I have said I will pay for them to go to the cinema as the new Boss Baby is showing now and they loved the first one.

There was me thinking I had nothing to write about but I've done well talking about nothing. lol

How has your week been?

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  1. Yeah, you did a good job...much ado about nothing, lol. It's certainly nice sometimes to have nothing to do. Your situation with the boiler man reminds me that I have still to find someone to fit a new window and repair the handle of one for a property that I let. I am sure if I needed all the windows replacing, I'd have a flood of workmen at the door. But as it's just one, no one seems to want the job. Good on the landlord to check around. One man has quoted £488 for that job and I'm sure he's overcharging so I won't go with that one.
    Enjoy the half term break.

  2. You do have a lot of nothing to talk about :) I had to do my post early but we didn't really have problems with the internet as expected. Still, it's been nice to have a little break for a day. Enjoy your half term, it sounds like the girls have got their own plans!

  3. You did have a lot of nothing to talk about. It's a good job your landlord checked on the parts situation. I bet the workman is kicking himself now he has lost out on the work. It does serve him right though trying to rip people off.

  4. So glad the boiler part was a much cheaper fix!

  5. Sometimes a week of nothing is exactly what you need!

  6. That was an awful lot of nothing! LOL! sometimes all the nothing adds up and makes something :)

  7. A week of nothing is sometimes a great thing, gives you time to recharge. Glad your landlord checked up on the boiler part! I hate dealing with tradesmen as you just never know for sure if they are ripping you off.

  8. Nice to have a quiet week sometimes. Glad you didn’t need a new boiler after all! The local auction sounds like such a lovely event to go along to even if you don’t end up buying anything. Hope you are all having a lovely half-term. #WotW