Saturday 16 October 2021

Week 41 of #Project365. 9th - 15th October. A photo every day for a year!

 Another week has flown over. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling quite lonely. After having 18 months with either Stu or at least one of the girls here I was feeling a little lost being by myself but I have got used to it again and I have been keeping myself busy, probably too busy because some days it feels like I've had no time to myself. I need to find more of a balance.

The weather sure has changed. I got up yesterday morning and had to go back upstairs to get my dressing gown. It was so chilly. I think we are going to have to think about putting the heating on, on a morning.

Now for a photo every day!

Poundland Monopoly
Fixing up my dressing table
Me with blue hair and veggie pie
My finished dressing table and new soil on the garden
Reusable sanitary pads

275/365 - 9th October
Becky has started collecting Monopoly sets so when I saw this in Poundland I had to get it. It was £15 which is quite cheap for a Monopoly set. 

276/365 - 10th October
Stu sanded my dressing table down and we got on with painting and sticking the sticky vinyl on.

277/365 - 11th October
I put a blue dye over the washed out purple and it went on well although I can't have washed all of the dye out as I ended up with blue hands and a blue pillow when I woke up the next day.

278/365 - 12th October
Leftover roast dinner pie but it ended up just being a vegetable one as I forgot to add the chicken. Oops. lol No one noticed or questioned it and it meant we have more chicken for the next day in Irn-Bru chicken. Just like the diet cola chicken but nicer. 

279/365 - 13th October
My finished dressing table and I love it. It looks so much better with a lick of paint and the vinyl on it. It cost about £12 in total. The cost of buying it and the stool and for the vinyl. I had leftover paint to use and one of the kids old hoodies to put on the stool.

280/365 - 14th October
My dad delivered a trailer full of soil to put on our garden. It's been on our to do list for a while but why pay for soil when you can just wait and find some builders who are finishing a job and want rid of it to give it away. hehehe We've put some grass seed on so hopefully it will look even better in a few weeks.

281/365 - 15th October
I was sent some reusable sanitary pads to try. The review post will be up next week.

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  1. Love the blue!

    The dressing table looks great...good job! Irn bru chicken sounds interesting.

  2. A lovely weekly round-up. I love your dressing table upcycle, it looks brilliant and what a bargain!
    Your leftover roast dinner pie looks so good! A proper hearty meal.
    I have some of the reusable sanitary pads on the way. I've got high hopes for them as I already love using the period pants.
    Loving the blue hair too! You can pull off all the colours. xx

  3. Ooh, I want to do this next year! Your hair looks great and I love the dressing table xx

  4. I love seeing your photos! I love your blue hair!

  5. We'll be having leftover chicken pie tomorrow - I think there'd be a lot of moans if there was no meat in one I made lol. Love your dressing table - looks great with the vinyl top on.

  6. Your hair looks lovely! We all need a splash of colour in the grey months. Your dressing table project looks fab, big well done! The pie looks like it's grinning and winking at you. :) We have a couple of Monopoly sets, and 3 Cluedo ones. Do you have a Harry Potter Monopoly? I think I saw it in The Works recently for a reasonable price.

  7. Love the hair and your dressing table looks amazing. A good find with the monopoly set. Hope you settle into a new routine soon and that the loneliness is short lived

  8. The dressing table looks brilliant and a bargain for £12. My eldest has a thing for Monopoly too and I went to one in the week trying to buy one but failed miserably. Will have to try again. Loving the blue hair

  9. It is strange getting used to everyone being out of the house again isn’t it? Glad you have adjusted and hopefully you can manage to find a balance with not making yourself too busy! Love the blue hair but oops to blue hands and making the pillow blue! I do love your finished dressing table. I’ve been using reusable sanitary pads for about four years now mostly as an additional layer on heavier days as I generally prefer period pants. #project365

  10. I've wanted to try the cola chicken since the 90s when I saw it on Challenge Anneka! Maybe I will treat my children at last! Fab blue hair (and hands...) I use period pants and love them #project365