Thursday 7 October 2021

My youngest girls poem. #NationalPoetryDay

Today is National Poetry Day and most years I have nothing to write about. I like poetry but I wouldn't say I am a huge fan, I don't write my own but I really admire those who do. 

This year I thought I would share Ellie's poem which she wrote earlier on in the year when she was home from school doing her home learning. In English her class did a lot of work about poetry and she really enjoyed it. She isn't a big fan of English lessons but the poetry one's really did keep her interested.

There was one day where some of the Zoom lessons were cancelled because of it snowing, the kids were told to go out and enjoy it. There was of course some teachers who set work but it was snow related and fun. During the English lesson they were told to write a poem about the snow. Ellie is quite good at poetry and said it was easier to do at home when she can go on Google and find words that rhyme with other words. hehehe

The soft, sleek snowflakes settle on the ground.
So gentle and graceful they don’t make a sound.
It looks like a blanket covering our town.
There certainly isn’t any reason to frown

Zoom lessons are cancelled for the day.
For once I can go outside and play!
Throwing snowballs at their friend.
I don’t want the fun to ever end.

Rolling the snow into a ball.
I’m going to build a snowman fat and tall.
Rolling and rolling the ball is getting bigger.
Working hard with plenty of vigor.

Stones for eyes and a peg for a nose.
I’m starting to get cold, I can’t feel my toes.
Back inside, into the warm.
Just as it starts snowing again, blowing a storm.

Do you like poetry, do you write your own?


  1. What a fun winter poem! Takes me back to snow days as a kid!

    I am not much of a poetry writer myself, though I've written some here and there.

  2. That's a lovely poem, Ellie did a great job. I did write a lot of poetry growing up but it doesn't seem to have rubbed off on the rest of my family. My Mum wrote poetry too xx

  3. What a lovely poem, I wish it was snowing now!

  4. What a wonderful poem! I used to write lots of poetry when I was in middle and high school.

  5. How lovely - and what a creative use of time. I like poetry but I can't write it. I do try from time to time...

  6. I love writing poetry! This is a great poem!

  7. What a great poem! Writing poetry has definitely been a form of therapy for me!

  8. Aww, this is lovely and really sums up a snow day off school - even if it is home school. :-) I do write poetry but only quick rhymes for family occasions etc, I love it when I do ith though and loved writing poems as a child. Tell her well done and thanks for sharing xxx

  9. What a lovely poem. Well done Ellie!
    I used to like writing poetry at school, but haven't really done much over the years. xx

  10. Well done Ellie, that's a fab poem! I don't really read (nor write) a lot of poetry, but I do love John Cooper Clarke! He has an amazing way with words <3 x #MMBC