Saturday 23 October 2021

Week 42 of #Project365. 16th - 22nd October. A photo every day for a year!

What a rubbish week of weather we've had here. The rain has been awful and it's certainly got colder. I went out the other day with a winter coat on, a jumper underneath and gloves. I've not been up to much this week past week, just the usual jobs around the house, seeing my dad and that's about it.

It's half term now and we're looking forward to a break from school and routine. We still don't know what we're doing for Halloween. Ellie is on about going Trick or Treating with her friends but we'll see, I think at the moment it depends on the weather.

Now for a photo everyday!!

Salmon and a photo block
Empty snack boxes
The Simpsons on TV
A workman and my dads cat
My youngest daughter

282/365 - 16th October
When there is reduced sushi I always get Ellie some, there was none on Saturday but there was smoked salmon and she said that was the next best thing. Reduced from £4.10 to £1.68. In hindsight I wished I had bought more and put it in the freezer for Christmas, there was tons of it.

283/365 - 17th October
A glass photo block that I am reviewing.

284/365 - 18th October
I saw a woman on TikTok saying that every empty box that she finds put away in the kitchen cupboards will be wrapped up for the kids to open on Christmas morning. It's mean but I am so tempted to do it. lol My youngest is so guilty of this. These are two things that I found just today in the cupboard, empty!! 

285/365 - 19th October
I did go to bed early but Stu was still awake watching The Simpsons. I couldn't help but watch.

286/365 - 20th October
Opened the curtains to see a water company worker doing something with the water thingy on our path. I opened the door and he said he was fitting a new meter. We should have had a letter about it but it was probably just addressed to "the occupier" which I tend not to read. Oops.

287/365 - 21st October
Sat at my dad's work and happened to look up and saw his cat creeping across a cabin roof. The poor thing thought he had found something to pounce on but it was just a box of tools that my dad had left on the roof after fixing a leak. The poor thing thought his luck was in. hehehe

288/365 - 22nd October
A non-uniform day at school. My girl drives me crazy, complains that it's cold out but still won't wear a coat. She did at least put a hat on.

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  1. I really miss salmon - used to have the slices on a bagel with Philadelphia. My kids have a habit of leaving the empty ice lolly boxes in the freezer so I may just have to wrap them up lol

  2. I love BBQ Pringles - you've given me a craving now!

  3. All you talk of cold weather reminded me that I need to make sure my boys have winter gear... I seem to have dropped the ball on that one. My boys rarely leave empty boxes in the cabinet but are great for leaving just a few crackers or like a 1/8 cup of beverage in the container and put them back.

  4. N loves smoked salmon - he had some this weekend as a treat. I never think of looking for it in the reduced sections. N's still wearing t-shirt and shorts to go to school, coat's always in his bag, and no jumper's been worn yet. Makes me feel cold seeing him

  5. My kids love salmon but it can be so expensive! We rarely go to the shops in person so never find fab offers :( Kids never dress according to the weather! #project365

  6. I hated wearing a coat to school, the lockers were alwaays the opposite end from where the buses went at the end of the day and I could never be bothered to carry it around with me. I could eat salmon every day, I love it.

  7. Smoked salmon is lovely with cream cheese in bagels or in pasta. My guys love those birthday cake squares too. Don't follow the TikTok mean mother's example. Also wouldn't they suss that the packages are too light to have anything inside? My younger kid is the same with coats, comes home with the coat in his bag.

  8. The photo block looks good!

    My kids do the same with empty is so frustrating!

    My eldest is the same when it comes to coats.

  9. OMG, the empty box idea is genius, my husband is a guilty of it as the kids LOL. My kids hate wearing coats too, I think its a stage they all go through at one point

  10. ha ha love the idea of wrapping up the empty boxes, may try that here too. Smoked Salmon is may favourite and what a bargain. My eldest has taken to not wearing his coat either. Drives me mad. Love the idea of the photo block looks like it is nice and thick.

  11. Ooh I love smoked salmon and that looks like a bargain price in the reduce section. The idea of wrapping up the empty boxes that get put back in the cupboard for Christmas made me chuckle. #project365