Friday 15 October 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Fixing! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I feel like I've been so busy this week and I can't quite believe it's Word of the Week time again. This week has been about fixing things and making some things better. 

On Monday we had our yearly gas safety check. We told the man that whenever it is windy the boiler goes off, we've noticed it over the last month or so and don't want it going off in the middle of the winter, it was bad enough a couple of weeks ago when we had to reset the boiler about 7 times to run a bath. Grr! The man found the fault with the boiler which needs fixing. It's nothing major, just an air pressure switch which has worn out. Easy to fix but a bit harder to get the part as our boiler is quite old. If the part can't be found it looks like we need a new boiler. Eek! For the time being the boiler is fine to use but we will just have to faff about with it if it's windy before the man comes back which should be next week.

Over the weekend and the start of the week I was fixing up my dressing table which I got from the local auction. Stu sanded it down, I painted it and stuck the vinyl on. I am so chuffed with it. I bought the stool & dressing table for £5 and the vinyl cost £6. I used paint that was in the garage and an old hoodie to cover the stool so all in all it cost about £12. Such a bargain.

Dressing table before & after

When we moved in here the front garden was a mix of little stones and grass. It was a right mess and has been on our to do list to sort out for the past 2 years. My dad came with a trailer full of soil yesterday and we got on with fixing it. He got the soil free from a builder he knows, it was going spare so cost nothing. We raked it out, put some grass seed on, watered it and it looks so much better already. I just hope the grass grows this late on in the year. 

My dad also made us some planters which we put down the side of the garden and the front. I think they look lovely but it did cause a little drama with our neighbour. They didn't like it. I don't really care what they like but it brought our arguments to a head. They have agreed to stop taking the mick with where they park and we have agreed to move the planter over. I don't expect this argument to be over forever but the issues are fixed for the time being.


How has your week been? I hope you've had a good one?

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  1. What a transformation, it looks great.

  2. I love your dressing table, it looks fabulous! Your front garden looks good too, I hope the grass grows well for you. I love the planters but what a pain about your neighbours. xx

  3. I see what you did there with that planter! lol. Neighbour wars! I think you did a great job with that dresser and stool. You must be really pleased. And we love the fact that it hasn't cost too much either.

  4. I hope the boiler can be fixed and a new one won't be needed. Your new dressing table looks fabulous as does the yard!

  5. I like this word of the week idea. Even though I failed to write for the last one. I'll try to FIX that this week. I'm surprised anyone would be angry about planters but that is indeed how neighbourhood arguments go. #Blogtober21

  6. Hope that you can manage to get your boiler fixed without needing a new one. I love your upcycled dressing table, it looks amazing. Love your new planters and hope your grass grows well in the front garden. Glad you managed to resolve the issue with your neighbours and hope things stay fixed for a while. #WotW