Friday 8 October 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Preparing! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is: 


As I am writing this yesterday afternoon Becky is in bed, she's not ill or anything she's preparing for her first night shift at work. She went to bed late on Wednesday night, slept until about 10am and then went back to bed at 2pm. Hopefully that will be enough to get through the night shift. It would be easier if her two night shifts were on 2 consecutive days but her next one is on Saturday night. Ugh. Next week is better they're on Thursday and Friday.

I have started preparing for Christmas. I have ordered the advent calendars to come with the food shop later today. I want to get them before they sell out and if they don't deliver I still have chance to keep ordering them. I have also bought the first of the presents for the girls making an order from Amazon and Home Bargains. I could have gone to our local Home Bargains and picked the stuff up but they don't have half of the stuff in our shop that they have online and plus I would have to carry it all home. I would rather save my arms to carry stuff from shops which don't deliver like Primark. Becky was in there early this week and said they have a lot of new things in, all of the winter stock. I am going to start buying Christmas things for the freezer next week. There has been so much talk about food shortages, I really don't want to be without the pigs in blankets or the party food. I might even buy the turkey.

I have started working on the dressing table and stool that I got from our local auction for £5. I found one of the kids old hoodies that was due to be thrown out which is the same colour as the paint in my bedroom to put on the top of the stool and I have given the legs their first coat of paint. It's not going to be finished anytime soon but it's a start.

The stool before and after painting

This weekend we are off to town. If there's on thing the kids love more than Christmas it's Halloween, Ellie especially. We have a box of decorations upstairs but we always want more so we're going to have a look in the pound shop and see what we can pick up. I did think about going to Hull, the big town near us but after spending all the money for the kids Christmas presents cheap and cheerful is the way forward. Hull will have to wait until next month.

Usually I write my blog posts over the weekend for the following week, well up until Thursday. My WotW post is always a Thursday job but over the last 6 weeks or so our weekends seem to be getting busier. We are either at the auction most of Saturday or out and then on a Sunday I try to stay off my laptop until late afternoon. I am now trying to write one blog post every afternoon so I have plenty to fall back on when things are busy, especially in the run up to Christmas.

How has your week been?

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  1. snap! again, how often do we choose the same word? Good idea about the advent calendars, I'll add some to my shop and see if they arrive so I can put them away. I've got a Christmas tree being delivered today, but I won't be putting it up anytime soon. I realised last night that the week I put my tree up I'll be in hospital..urgh! I hope Becky's shift goes well, night shifts are notoriously hard especially when you have breaks in between. xx

  2. What a week you've had! And Christmas stuff already! We usually get our meatss from the Bull Ring market and get them all seasoned up and frozen for the October month end. I suppose that means we haven't got much time left.
    Although I am secretly hoping for a Christmas getaway this year. But if I have to do a covid test, I guess I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
    I hope Becky has a good experience at her work.

  3. I use to be so good about keeping my blog posts written a week in advance (other than my Friday favorites and then my photography challenge post) but lately I'm just not putting in the time and effort. I realized at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon that I had zero posts scheduled! I whipped together 3 of them and started 2 others but I hate that mad scramble. I keep thinking I need to get a jump start on Christmas shopping too but really don't know where to start as I have zero gift ideas for anyone this year!

  4. Wow you certainly are prepared

  5. Night shifts sound so hard! I'm Glad Becky was preparing. As for Christmas shopping, that's so great that you do it early. We don't really celebrate Christmas with presents here, but I'd better start looking for presents for my husband's birthday next month too. #Blogtober21

  6. I love that you and Anne chose the same word. Well done for preparing too! You've had a very productive week! xxx

  7. You're much more organised with blog posts than me. I've struggled to find time to write much at the moment. Love that you're so organised with preparing for Christmas. I'm trying to be a bit more organised this year too. Split night shifts are not fun. I hope that Becky's first couple of night shifts went well. They're easier when they're consecutive nights. #WotW