Saturday 30 October 2021

Week 43 of #Project365. 23rd - 29th October. A photo every day for a year!

Half term went in a flash but it was a good one. The girls were very busy seeing their friends and having days out. I don't feel like we did much over the past week, there was lots of relaxing and computer time too. I am happy with how it went.

I am predicting they girls will be busy over the weekend too. Becky has a night shift to sleep off today and Ellie is on about going out with friends. I am planning on going to our local auction as they have shelves full of Christmas things. I am hoping to get some bargains. 

Now for a photo every day!

My youngest in her frog hat
A game I play on my phone and board game pieces
A jigsaw board
My girls
My eldest and shelves of Christmas stuff at the auction

289/365 - 23rd October
Ellie on her way out to play with friends. She still loves her frog hat.

290/365 - 24th October
All I have is a screen shot of a game that I play on my phone. I don't know if playing the farming game Township for 850 days in a row is a good or bad thing. It is the only game ever which has kept my attention for so long. To be fair some days I've just opened the app so I don't lose my streak.

291/365 - 25th October
Pieces from a Christmas game that we have been sent to try out.

292/365 - 26th October
The jigsaw board that I won from the auction over the weekend. Got it for £3 and it has been put away for Christmas.

293/365 - 27th October
My girls ready to go into town for a look around the shops.

294/365 - 28th October
Becky was eating her lunch while on her laptop. I don't usually let her eat on her laptop but she was actually checking her college emails.

295/365 - 29th October
One of the shelves at the local auction full of Christmas stuff. I am so excited for today. As well as all the Christmas stuff they are encouraging people to dress up for Halloween, the best costume wins a meat hamper.

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  1. Hope you got lots of exciting bargains in the auction. I really should try and find out when our local one is happening. I've never been but would love to - I think I'd have to sit on my hands to avoid spending lots.

  2. Love the idea of taking one photo per day! Looks like a pretty good week. :)

  3. The frog hat looks cool! The christmas game looks interesting. I don't like the girls eating while they are on their laptops either.

    Hope you managed to grab some bargains at the auction.

  4. Love the frog hat and good luck at the auction, we don't have anything like that near us

  5. The auction sounds like fun, I don't think we have any other than antique ones around here. I won that same puzzle holder - it's a good one #365

  6. How lovely to win that puzzle holder. I think I would be more willing to do puzzles if I'd had one of those. Well done for getting it for such a bargain too.

  7. I hope you managed to score some great bargains at the auction. I am probably going to the budget store in town sometime this week to get my Christmas decorations - it will be my first year ever decorating for Christmas, as I never felt like it before. Sounds like you had a good week. #MMBC

  8. Good luck with the auction, you do have an eye for a bargain. Did you dress up and try to win the halloween hamper? Love the frog hat

  9. I love Ellie’s frog hat too. An 850 day streak is very impressive. Well done on winning the jigsaw board at the auction. They’re so useful when doing puzzles. Lovely photo of the girls ready to go out into town together. #project365

  10. I'm so envious of that jigsaw puzzle board! I've been looking at them on amazon just recently, they are quite pricey. Ellie's frog hat is so cute. Well done on playing for 850 days, that's an achievement! I saw your auction stash on Insta, you are good at finding useful things.

  11. I hope that you won the meat hamper and got lots of bargains at the auction. I am only aware of antique ones near us. Although I will have to try and find one like this, very useful for Christmas presents.