Wednesday 13 October 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Vegan and eco-friendly candles from Vegan Bunny!

I love candles and I love burning them in my home despite my family not being keen no matter what the scent. It's a good job they're out at school, college and work more, I have time alone to enjoy my candles now, in peace without them moaning. Recently I was sent a couple of candles to try out from a company which was new to me. Vegan Bunny.

Vegan Bunny Candles

Vegan bunny are a family owned small brand focused on Vegan and eco-friendly products. It was born with a vegan mindset evolving into a plastic free, carbon neutral & reduced marketing concept. Their candles are made with natural ingredients, natural waxes & pure essential oils free from toxic artificial fragrances, Zinc & pesticides. The main ingredient on every tin is love!

I was sent two of their best selling candles to have a look at and I must say I am impressed. They arrived packaged well using eco-friendly supplies: shipped in boxes made from recycled cardboard, all wrapped in recycled paper and the extra touches are lovely. The parcels are decorated with locally sourced dried flowers and are sealed with their signature motivational paper tape.

Chai Latte Soy Candle.

Chai Latte is Vegan Bunny's ultimate signature candle. A wild selection of natural oils blended in-house to recreate a warm, sweet and spiced cup of Chai.

This scent is strongly spiced and yet sweet enough to hit every note expected from a Chai latte cup with notes of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, vanilla and black pepper. 

Mulled Wine - Christmas candle.

The Mulled Wine Christmas candle has a fruity and spiced scent to replicate the Christmas special cocktail. It is a handcrafted soy wax candle infused with essential oils.

Both of the candles come in really pretty tins and they both smell amazing! If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be the Mulled Wine one but that is just because I am getting in the Christmas mood. 

The candles come in two sizes. The smaller one's burning for about 25 hours and that costs around seven or eight pounds depending on which you buy and larger candles which I received which burn for about 50 hours and they are around £15 each. 

All of the products from Vegan Bunny are approved vegan and cruelty free by PETA. They are a completely plastic-free company and instead of investing money in social marketing strategies such as Facebook/Instagram ads they use their social platforms to promote tree planting! For each candle sold one tree is planted in the Eden Projects, Madagascar. I think that is a fantastic idea and really good for our planet.

Tree planting

As well as the trees Vegan Bunny donates 5% of their profits to Viva! Charity - the UK’s leading vegan campaigning charity and their charitable contributions don’t stop there, their first charity candle was launched this year for the charity Rise which supports women in situations of abuse.

I think Vegan Bunny is an brilliant company with the most amazing smelling candles. Now is a great time to think about Christmas gifts and I think these would be fantastic for someone who loves candles and buying these candles does a little bit to help our planet.

I was sent these candles from Vegan Bunny free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I've heard of Vegan Bunny and thought about buying the candles as a gift for my vegan friend. I think I'm even more tempted now. xx

  2. What a fabulous sounding company. I do love that more companies are getting onboard with giving back.

  3. Ooo always looking for vegan goodies - they sounds right up my street! Just had a look at their shop and see there is a Chilling Spell one with a sloth on the label! That's me sold and hits to hubby for xmas lol :) x

  4. These candles sound great! I'll have to see if they ship to the US because I can never have enough candles.

  5. I love my candles too and these look fantastic. It's fab that they are eco-friendly, I think I might be tempted to try some out! x