Tuesday 5 October 2021

My plans for October.

I do love this time of year, especially October. It's getting chilly but not too cold, it's Halloween and we're usually in a good routine. I am starting to have more and more days home alone with the kids at school and college, Stu at work and Becky working so it feels like I can actually make some plans.

To Do list

These are my plans for October:

Spend less than £400 on the food shop this month - Our spending seems to have been sneaking up over the last few months and it's not good in the run up to Christmas. I have cut down on eating snacks and the kids are out at school, college and work more so they should be eating less, the bill should be going down.

Buy things from Amazon - I have Ellie a few things to get for Christmas off Amazon and some of the things will take a while to be delivered so it's sensible to order them this month. Plus if I get the things I have saved in my Amazon basket that is all of the main presents bought.

Plan something for my birthday - It's my birthday next month and I want to do something special. Last year was OK but it wasn't the greatest, it was filled with worry. My dad had Covid and wasn't in a good way. Thankfully he has recovered now so I am hoping to go out for a nice meal.

Start work on the dressing table - I got a dressing table out of the auction a few weeks ago and I am going to sand it down, repaint it and the stool too. I am fancying changing the material on the top of the stool to something to match the purple in my bedroom. 

Dressing table

Get back on the treadmill - My knee became sore just after I started exercising. I think I overdid it on the cross trainer and treadmill. I have rested it for about a month and now it feels fine so I'm going to give the treadmill another go. It feels like it was doing more for me than aerobic workouts. I'll take things easy and see how it goes.

Try some new recipes - Now I have some more time home alone I can get back into the kitchen and experiment. The kids are always coming in hungry so I think they will eat just about anything that I serve up.

Sort out all of the winter clothes - At the moment all the winter clothes are at the backs of wardrobes and I am betting some of Ellie's winter warmers don't even fit her. I need to see what is what and if Ellie needs anything buying.

Get Becky some driving lessons booked - We have found a driving instructor with spaces and now that Becky knows when she will be working she can have some driving lessons on her days off work and college.

Decorate for Halloween!

What do you have planned for October?


  1. I love upcycling. Hope you have fun with it.

  2. Sounds like a productive October ahead! I’m starting a new running training plan this month and hoping my own tricky knee cooperates!

  3. great plans I hope they all work out. I can't wait to see what you do with the dressing table and I hope Becky gets on well with her driving lessons xx

  4. Sounds like some great plans! I too have got to go through the winter clothes and see what we need though I am hopeful that my oldest two are all set. I also need to get back into a workout routine but life has just been so nutty lately that any sort of routine seems impossible.

  5. Happy early birthday to you! I recently celebrated mine and was able to do a little more than last year. I had a meal outside at the beach which was wonderful. I hope you are able to indulge yourself and treat yourself well!

  6. Wow lots of fun and organisation. Can't wait to see what the dressing table will look like after x #mmbc

  7. You just reminded me that I need to sort out the kids winter clothes :) That dressing table looks like a great upcycle project, I can't wait to see what you do with it x

  8. These sound like great plans! Good luck getting back onto the treadmill. Hope your birthday planning will be fun and the day itself will be special indeed.

  9. Sounds like a productive month! I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to plan.

  10. Sounds very productive. I can't wait to see the finished dressing table- love upcycling when I eventually get round to it! I need to cut down on spending too! xxx

  11. Good luck with your goals! I am looking to save for Christmas myself.