Friday 1 October 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Proud! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


My girls make me proud all of the time but this past week they have done that little bit extra and I couldn't be prouder.

It seems like it was ages ago that Becky applied for a job in a care home, had the interview, was offered the job, got her DBS certificate back and then was told to wait for a start date. Well this week she started work, she was thrown in at the deep end with a 12 hour shift. She has to shadow other members of staff for so many hours and a full day got her off to a good start. I expected her coming home exhausted but she wasn't that tired and said the day flew over which is just as well as she was back at work yesterday. She has had a great time too and said it didn't feel like work at all. Obviously I can't say much about her job because of privacy rules in the care home but so far nothing has phased her, she seems to be taking everything in her stride.

Becky has had a full on week! College Monday, work Tuesday, college Wednesday and work Thursday. I am predicting that today all she will want to do is sleep but she has earned it.

Ellie has made me proud this week too but has also had me feeling like I am banging my head against a brick wall sometimes. I keep saying how well Ellie is doing at school and it's because I can't believe it. She hasn't always been the best at school but this year she is really knuckling down and actually enjoying her lessons. 

On Monday morning I got a text from her head of year congratulating her on being in the top 10 students in the year group for their positive praise points. Yay! On Monday afternoon I got a message from school saying she had a detention on Tuesday evening for not handing her Chemistry homework in. Now I know she did her chemistry homework because I helped her with it so we spoke to the school. It turns out on the first week of the school year she had homework to do and yes she had done it but hadn't handed it in. The teacher had given her chance after chance to hand it in and she hasn't so a detention was given which is fair enough. She's had 3 weeks to hand it in, way after the deadline. She thinks that spending time with friends at lunch and break time is more important than finding a teacher.

On Tuesday afternoon I got a message from Ellie's English teacher saying how hard she had been working and did extra work, more than what was asked of her. That never happens and I think the teacher must have known because she took her off and showed Ellie and her work off to another teacher. She was mortified but it made me so proud.

While she was in her detention on Tuesday I got another text saying she had another detention on Wednesday night for using her mobile phone in school. She knows the rules, no using mobile phones in school, her and her friend got caught and it was by the headteacher. lol I'd like to say they were researching something for their school work but no they were messing about on TikTok. She took the detention and handed her phone in for the day which I suppose I am proud of, she had the choice to hand it in or keep it and then get a phone call home.

Despite the detentions I am still proud of Ellie. The positives are way outweighing the negatives and as well as that Ellie has finally started willingly helping more around the house. To get her to help with washing the dishes, folding clean clothes or even emptying bins has always been a chore but this past week she has stepped up and helped more. It's little things like that which make me proud too.

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  1. Well done Becky, I still remember my first day working in a care home and that was a very long time ago, I think I was around the same age as Becky and I worked some long shifts. I'm glad that Ellie's positive actions outweigh the negative and that both your girls have made you proud this week xx

  2. So glad your older daughter is enjoying her work! Good for her for balancing both work and schooling. I think Ellie's positive actions outweigh the negative too and find that with most teenagers life seems to be one constant seesaw up and then down and then right back up...

  3. I'd be proud of both girls too! Way to go, Ellie and Becky. I'm sure Ellie has seen the error of her ways so she will be more careful with handing in homework and phone etc, or she will be prepared to face the consequences, lol.
    Great seeing how your week has been and we celebrate the nice Mommy moments with you.

  4. Proud is such a lovely word for the week. Well done to Becky with her new job - it certainly sounds full on juggling it with college as well but I'm glad it's going well for her and she's enjoying it. Well done to Ellie too - she sounds like she's doing really well in school on the whole and that the positives are definitely outweighing the negatives. #WotW

  5. It sounds like both girls are doing really well. Working in a care home must be tough. Its so nice that it is a profession she wants to do. At least with the detentions Ellie is working hard to. I'm hoping my little lady will help me around the home when she goes to high school. I know I will need it lol #WotW