Wednesday 15 May 2024

Ways to keep wasps out of your home!

We are starting to head into wasp season and it fills me with dread. I hate wasps! When I was a teenager I was stung and had a really bad reaction. Not enough to send me to hospital but enough to scare me and my family. I have grown to loath them even more after the drama we had with them last year.

black and yellow bee on pink flower

It all started with one or two wasps a day making their way into our bathroom, I just assumed they were coming through the window but Stu was doing some DIY work on the kitchen roof and saw wasps heading under the tiles on the bathroom roof. My dad came and put wasp powder under the tiles and we blocked the holes where they were getting in which in hindsight was the worst thing to do at the time. We thought that was it until later in the week where they came back with a vengeance. It turns out there was a wasps nest in the loft above the bathroom and pesky little things were coming through a hole they had made in the bathroom cupboard and making their way into the bathroom because they couldn't get back out the way they came in, the hole we had blocked. One day I stopped counting when I had removed 40 wasps from the bathroom. I ended up in tears and the professionals were called in and dealt with it. A little while later while my brother was helping out with some work around the house he ended up in the loft and found the wasps nest, all the wasps were dead and he removed it. It filled 2 black bin bags. Eek! 

Wasps nest

Every time I have been in the garden over the last few weeks and I have seen a wasp I have kept a close eye on it to see where it was heading. So far they are staying away from our house but I have been reading up on ways to keep wasps out of and away from your home. 

Seal the cracks!

Wasps can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps to gain access to your home sweet home. Conduct a thorough inspection of your property and seal any cracks, crevices or gaps around windows, doors and foundations with caulk or any type of filler that you have.

Have screens!

Installing screens on windows, doors, vents and chimneys act as a barrier preventing wasps from flying in uninvited. Make sure your screens are in good condition and free of tears or holes that could provide entry points for these unwanted guests.

Keep an eye on your bins!

Wasps are attracted to the sweet smell of rubbish so keeping bins tightly sealed is essential. Regularly cleaning your wheelie bins will not only prevent odours from attracting wasps but also eliminate potential food sources.

Mind the sweets!

Wasps have a sweet tooth so avoid leaving out sugary treats and drinks that can lure them indoors. Keep kitchen counters clean and clean up any spills to discourage these winged scavengers from making themselves at home.

Trim and tidy!

Maintain your garden by trimming overgrown bushes and trees as these can provide ideal nesting sites for wasps.

DIY deterrents!

There are lots of natural repellents to keep wasps at bay. Peppermint oil, citrus peels, vinegar solutions, and garlic sprays can all help deter wasps from lingering around your home. Simply apply these solutions to potential entry points and outdoor areas to send a clear message.

Get the professionals in!

If you're dealing with a persistent wasp problem despite your best efforts don't hesitate to seek professional pest control assistance. Trained professionals can assess the situation, safely remove any existing nests and provide targeted solutions to keep wasps from returning. 

Have you ever had issues with wasps?


  1. I didn't realize wasps had a "sweet tooth". We do have our home professionally treated now, but we've had issues with the pesky stingers in the past. Before we remodeled the outside of our home with new siding and windows, they would squeeze in through the old windows; we watched one do this one day. They also still sometimes come in through our chimney, so we make sure to close the damper on the fireplace when we're not using it in a particular season. Peppermint oil is great for so many things! We've used an apple cider vinegar concoction for gnats before; we always have gnats here in the spring and summer now. Those are way better than wasps, though!

  2. I had a wasp in a blanket I washed and dried outside. When I used it the wasp stung me. It was so unpleasant, my whole arm went numb. Luckily they don't enter our home, even though we have a lot of flowers for pollinators in the garden. Maybe they like it better in the garden and don't get indoors.

  3. I'm not sure I've seen any wasps around here and I'd like to keep it that way!

  4. We haven't had wasps in the house much but living near the lake they tend to make nests all around the house, on our patio furniture, IN our patio umbrella, etc. It's hard to keep them away.

  5. Vile things! I bloody hate them. I remember you having that nest, what a nightmare for you.
    We have screens on all of our windows as we always seem to get nests around here. I got stung walking up the canal and it got stuck in my jeggings and kept on stinging my leg! They should be eradicated for good haha. x