Sunday 19 May 2024

Week 20 of #Project365 12th - 18th May. A photo every day for a year!

 Hello there and happy Sunday! I hope you are having a great day. We don't have much planned for today, I don't even think we will be leaving the house. It's Stu's only day off work today as he has to do overtime next week but instead of spreading it over a week he is doing it all tomorrow on his day off. Today is his lazy day.

I have had such a faff writing this blog post. Our internet kept going off. I had the previous hour planned, write this blog post while watching Doctor Who off the BBC iPlayer but I couldn't do either. Then when I came to write it I couldn't add the photos and then when I could I couldn't make them bigger. I don't know if it's a blogger issue or an issue with my internet. Ugh! So if the photos look a bit wrong I do apologise.

Now for a photo every day! 

A bottle of wine and plants
Me and my eldest trying on clothes
Tea bags and peri peri fish cakes, chips and mushy peas
A cement truck

133/365 - 12th May
Stu and I went out for lunch and I claimed my free bottle of wine that I won at the bingo. I thought you can tell we're heading into summer with the pub using plastic glasses but it turns out their glass washer was broken.

134/365 - 13th May
I had a few hours in the garden moving my plants into bigger pots. They are doing really well.

135/365 - 14th May
Just me. I was back to wearing Autumn looking clothes. It rained off and on all door but was still so warm. I am so glad I just wore tights under my dress and not leggings or jeans.

136/365 - 15th May
Becky bought some new clothes and of course had to try them on to show me. She said she was way out of her comfort zone not wearing baggy t-shirts and a hoodie but she needed something smarter for a night out.

137/365 - 16th May
My dad went to the cash and carry and bought me a huge bag of tea bags. 1040 should keep us going for a while.

138/365 - 17th May
As much as I love the Gousto meals I do change things up a little. Instead of having normal chips I made sweet potato one's and thought the Peri Peri fishcakes would be too spicy so didn't want the spicy peas so made minty one's.

139/365 - 18th May
This was my Saturday morning wake up! I had planned on a lie in but someone nearby was getting concrete/cement delivered and they made such a racket.

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  1. Get your pots! You will have lots of lovely plants.
    Love your pic, pretty momma! Your dress is gorgeous. Love Becky's outfit too.
    Aw, Yorkshire tea is my fave. I need one of those bags haha.
    Boo to the lorry waking you up. A narrowboat went through here about 6.30 this morning, I was not happy. x

  2. Ha! Those teabags should certainly last you for a while! The sweet potato chips look delicious - I love anything sweet potato :)

  3. 1040 bags of tea?! Wow, that's a lot. :) I like sweet potato chips, they are quite different than regular potatoes.

  4. A photo for everyday is such a fun concept!

  5. I like your outfit no matter this season. Becky looks great too in her new clothes. I hope this coming week is fab.

  6. I never left the house on Sunday and it was wonderful to just relax and stay at home for once. I just spent my afternoon repotting some plants and moving them into larger pots.

  7. You'll have tea for a very long time, and that's awesome! Your outfit was also lovely. :)

  8. Tea bags wouldn't last long with me, I'm running low again, need to add to my shopping list. Grrrr to the cement lorry, it's the school bin lorry that annoys me every Monday morning at 6am.

  9. That's a lot of tea bags. I had to get out a winter jumper today. Was just too cold for summer tops and cardis.

  10. That is an impressive bag of Yorkshire Tea Bags - my fave tea

  11. Glad your plants are doing well. I like your dress. Becky looks very smart in her new clothes. Can’t beat a nice cup of Yorkshire tea. That's an impressively large bag of teabags! #project365