Sunday 5 May 2024

Week 18 of #Project365 28th April - 4th May. A photo every day for a year!

Yesterday my Word of the Week was Busy but I now think it could have been hair-dye because my week has revolved around it when I look back over the photos that I took. I realised I needed mine dying, ordered dye, cut and dyed Ellie's during the week and then did mine yesterday.

We have had a good week, a busy one but the sun has been shining and that has made me happy. I am hoping next week will be a bit quieter with not so much to do. It's great being so busy but I am really not used to it. At least it's a short week with the bank holiday Monday.

Now for a photo every day!

Multi-coloured hair and glass of cider
Dressed up and hair dye
Spotify and grass
Hair dye on

119/365 - 28th April
Both the girls said that I needed my hair dying. I loved the purple colour but it just doesn't seem to last on my hair, especially at the front where it was starting to look a bit orange. I ordered some hair dye.

120/365 - 29th April
Stu and I popped in the pub to see that they have replaced the Strongbow Dark Fruit cider with this Old Mout Cherries and Berries one. I tried it and I actually prefer it, it is so easy to drink, a little too easy. I can imagine drinking many more during the warmer months in the beer garden.

121/365 - 30th April
The sun was shining and it put me in such a good mood so I dressed up a little. I even had my legs out and sandals on. Thank goodness for instant fake tan, my legs are so pale. 

122/365 - 1st May
My hair dye arrived. 2 Pillarbox red and 2 Flamingo pink. I had to order a tinting brush to push it over the amount that I needed for free delivery. I have ordered that much dye over the last few years that I now get a discount on every purchase which seems like a bit of a con now because I have to order more for the free delivery. lol

123/365 - 2nd May
This song has been stuck in my head for weeks. I kept hearing it on TikTok but had no idea who Joe Hendry was. Turns out he's a wrestler from Scotland. The song has actually been released now in the music charts. 

124/365 - 3rd May
The grass needs cutting again. I am blaming all of the rain that we have had! That's a job for today or tomorrow depending on the weather.

125/365 - 4th May
Hair dye day! It's a process that I have to trust. I put the bleach on and it turned blue thanks to the purple that I was getting out. The red looked very dark when I put it on and then in the bathroom light looked pink when it was dry. It looks more red when I am outside! Phew! You can see the finished result on my Insta.

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  1. Pillarbox Red and Flamingo Pink, great names for colors!

  2. It has been nice to get some sun. I'm impressed with your dedication to hair dyeing. I've given up doing mine a standard brown to cover the greys, because that's too much effort!

  3. I love Old Mout but I love the Kiwi and Lime one. I love the purple on your hair, but always good to have a change

  4. I stopped dyeing my hair a few years ago and remember all the effort it required. I really like the purple you had, though the red is fun too. I am also a fruit cider fan - yum!

  5. A busy week but fun one. It's fun to see what color you chose when you redo your hard. #MMBC

  6. I used to do Picture of the Day - neat to look back over your week, right? I did go to Insta to see the final result - very nice.

  7. I need to dye my hair too. It's such a faff, I wish I could do like once a year or something like that.
    Love your colour. :)

  8. Loving the hair colour. I dyed mine last week, had to blend the greys in by dying the yellowy bits silver, I think it works. The underneath has faded from blue to a mouldy green now. Lovely to have the sun out now

  9. The hair colour looks fab. I have started getting white hairs so may start dying mine too!

  10. So nice to have sunshine – it makes me happier when the sun is shining too. Love your new hair colour. #project365