Friday 3 May 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 18. #FridayFavourites

Finally Friday! I feel like I have been so busy over the past week. I was out most of Monday and Tuesday so on Wednesday I was playing catch up with all of the house work, yesterday went in a blue and here we are heading into a long weekend. We have a bank holiday on Monday which only makes a difference to Ellie as she's off college, it's my fellas normal day off work and Becky works in care so bank holidays don't apply to her. 

Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea and share some of my favourites from this past week.

What I loved this week

When Humans was shown on TV I watched it or at least the first couple of seasons. I saw that the whole show was on Netflix so decided to rewatch. There is so much that I don't remember. Set in a time and place like our own but one where robotics technology has progressed to the point where robotic workers, Synths are commonplace and a must have gadget for any busy family. In the hope of transforming the way they live, one strained suburban family purchases a refurbished synth and discovers that sharing life with a machine has chilling, far reaching consequences.

A rainy Sunday!
For the last few months we have been going out most Sundays for lunch. We had planned to stay in on Sunday anyway but the rain made it feel so cosy. It chucked it down all day and it was nice to stay in, cook a roast dinner and stay in my pj's. 

A few weeks ago I got some new dresses and I love them. I am planning on going back to Primark and buying more in different colours. They seem to fit in all the right places and I can still get away with wearing leggings or jeans underneath if it isn't too warm.

Me dressed in my new dresses

On Tuesday it was a warm day, probably the warmest of the year so far and I wore the blue dress with 3/4 length leggings and my sandals. It was a real taste of summer!

I have always struggled with fake tan. I haven't the patience to put it on and let it develop over night, I want instant results and have tried plenty of instant tans in the past but they would end up patchy and streaky or be too light or dark. This one is perfect! It gives a natural glow, smells amazing, didn't rub off onto my clothes and most importantly doesn't look orange.

A new/old fridge!
We had fridge issues which I mentioned in my meal planning post. Ours had broke and instead of us buying a new one my brother brought a spare that he had. He does house removals so is the man to know when you need things like that. All it needed was a good clean and it was good to go. I didn't realise how broken our old fridge was until we got the new/2nd hand one. It's actually cold instead of just keeping things chilled. 

Alarm clocks!
Sleeping in was not one of my favourites but it made me realise that mobile phones and their alarm clocks are a good thing. On Wednesday morning Ellie woke me and told me that we had slept in, it was half past 8, the time she should have been getting to college. Oops. There was a power cut, I am assuming sometime after my fella left for work just after 6am but before 7am when Ellie's alarm was set. Her alarm clock is a plug in, digital one which just resets when there's a power cut. I will go back to setting my alarm on my phone, just in case, at least if the power goes off that will still work.

What have you loved over the past week?

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw instant tanner! I took me right back to when I was at school and had a disaster with instant tanner - my palms were orange for weeks and my legs were only tanned where I could reach! We've come a long way since then. Cute dresses and so glad to hear your fridge issue is sorted now.

  2. I loved Humans when it was first on! I often think about it still and imagine what it would be like to have a robot to do all my chores for me! I love all your dresses, I always get on well with Primark clothes (have just realised I'm wearing a Primark dress right now!) but unfortunately we don't have one very close to us so we have to make a special trip a few times a year for us all to stock up on clothes!

  3. Thisiswhereitisat3 May 2024 at 12:48

    Lovely dresses, nice for some sunshine for once X

  4. I haven't tried an instant tanner since I was in middle or high school.. oh those lovely first sunless tanning creams were really something weren't they? Definitely a real orange glow to them. My husband uses his cell phone alarm since our power blinks out a lot and it's the only consistent alarm we can rely on. Though I much prefer the days I don't need one at all, of course!

  5. I haven't seen Humans but am going to look for it. Sounds eerily relevant. I have never used a self tanner and I don't have the patience either. Lovely dresses! Have a. nice weekend...I hopped over from the Friday Favorites link today.

  6. Humans sounds like an interesting show! I'll need to check it out. I use my phone alarm to wake me up! I hate that feeling of oversleeping! I love rainy days when I can just chill and relax! Sadly, I haven't been able to do that in awhile! Hope you had a great weekend!