Thursday 30 May 2024

What to buy for the Dad who doesn't want a gift!

It is Father's Day in just over a couple of weeks and shopping for a dad who insists he doesn't want anything can be a challenge, My dad is one of those dad's who says he doesn't want anything but then would be upset if I didn't get him something. He's a bit of a pain in the bum. He is so hard to buy for too. He has everything he needs and doesn't really have any interests apart from football which should make it easy. Buy him something from his favourite team you say, that would be great but he loves football so much he doesn't have a favourite team. lol

Finding the perfect gift for the dad who says he doesn't want anything involves thinking outside the box and focusing on experiences, personalisation and meaningful gestures.

Happy Father's Day

Experiences and Quality Time:

An outdoor adventure: Plan a day outside. Go for a long walk, a picnic, fishing or a visit a National Trust location. Spending time in nature together can be refreshing and memorable.

Tickets to an event: Whether it's a concert, theatre performance or sporting event tickets give you the chance to do something together while watching something he enjoys.

A Weekend Getaway: Organise a short trip to a place he loves or has always wanted to visit. A change of scenery and a break from routine can be a lot of fun.

Personalised and Sentimental Gifts!

A custom photo album: Create a photo album or scrapbook filled with cherished family memories. This personal touch often means more than any store bought item.

Handwritten letters: Write a heartfelt letter expressing your appreciation and love. You can also collect letters from other family members and compile them into a book. 

Custom art or crafts: Commission a piece of art or craft that reflects his interests or family moments. This could be a painting, a custom illustration, or even a handcrafted piece of furniture.

Subscription Services!

Book or Audiobook subscription: For the dad who loves to read, a subscription to a service like Audible or a book of the month club can be a great gift.

Food and drink subscriptions: Consider subscriptions for gourmet coffee, craft beer or monthly snack boxes. These can offer him something new to enjoy every month.

Streaming services: A subscription to Netflix, Disney+ or another streaming service can provide hours of entertainment without adding clutter.

Charitable Donations and Giving Back!

Donation to a cause: Make a donation in his name to a charity or cause he cares about. This not only honours his values but also makes a positive impact.

Volunteer together: Spend a day volunteering together for a cause he's passionate about. This can be a rewarding experience and a great way to spend time together.

Health and Wellness!

Massage or Spa day: Treat him to a relaxing massage or a day at the spa. It's a great way to help him unwind and take care of himself.

Fitness classes or Gym membership: If he enjoys staying active consider signing him up for fitness classes or renewing his gym membership.

Hobbies and Interests!

Workshop or a class: Enrol him in a class or workshop related to his hobbies such as cooking, photography, or woodworking. This can provide him with new skills and an enjoyable experience.

A gardening kit: If he enjoys gardening you could buy him some seeds to grow or perhaps a few rare plants that he has always wanted.

Music lessons or instruments: If he has an interest in music, consider music lessons or an upgrade to his musical instruments.

Is your dad hard to buy for too?


  1. Those are all great ideas! Shopping for men is generally tough.

  2. I find all our dads & stepdads so hard to buy for! None of them drink alcohol, have any hobbies like fishing or reading, they don't watch sports... so all those "guy" gift lists do me no good! :) We do go in for experience gifts often and I've put together gift baskets for them before. The idea of music lessons is a fun one that I hadn't thought of. Thanks for these ideas.