Saturday 18 May 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Creatures! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


My Word of the Week was going to be insects but Ellie informed me that some of the creatures I am talking about (slugs) are not insects, they are ruddy pests thought! Ugh! 

Spring is a wonderful time of year with everything coming back to life and growing including bugs, insects and lots of creatures that I would rather not have in or near my house. I wrote a blog post earlier in the week "Ways to keep wasps out of your home!" and at the moment they are the least of my problems.

On Saturday I was hanging washing out on the line and saw things moving around my feet! Ants!! I would say at least 50 of them scurrying around when I looked closely. I know about ants, we had them coming into our house years ago. I know they follow a path and found out they were going to the box that has the tins and jars in to recycle. I know they are attracted to sweet things and I am totally blaming the kids and their empty cans of pop. Thankfully they were not coming too close to the house so I have moved the recycling box and Stu did some weeding and must have hit their nest as he saw hundreds while I went running! 

Our second creature problem this week is slugs!! We have always had the odd one in the kitchen and we keep them at bay with slug pellets and salt but now the slimy slug trails have appeared in the living room. We really can't fathom how they are getting in unless they are coming through the bricks on the fireplace. Stu is going to block even the smallest of holes tomorrow. We used to have holes to the outside, under the floorboards but we we got the insulated wall put up last year and that seemed to stop a lot of random creatures coming in. The slugs in the living room is a new thing! Eek! I refuse to come downstairs during the night now, even if I am desperate for a drink or the loo. I don't want to be confronted with the slimy slugs. Eww! I am blaming the weather we have had over the last week, it has been warm but very wet. It think it has rained every day since Monday. I keep having to run around the house shutting windows making sure the rain doesn't come in and then 10 minutes after a rain shower it's blue sky and sunshine again.

Ellie is refusing to hang the washing out on the line at the moment, there are too many spiders for her liking. The other day the line was full of web and lots of tiny spiders. It's no good, she used to be my spider catcher. hehehe

At the moment I am being tortured by a fly which has came in through the open window. I have my fly swatter but I just haven't been able to get it yet! I will swat it before it drives me totally insane, if it's not buzzing around my head it keeps landing on my laptop screen! Grr!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. Summer is always my favourite season until I am confronted with a giant cockroach! Yuck those things are disgusting and they fly!! We get our place sprayed every year so we don't get many but there is always the random one. Yuck! We get slugs coming in under the laundry door and they gross me out. I sprinkle salt along the doorway to stop them but it's been raining so much that they are back again. I hope you get that fly and squash it good!!

  2. I hate ants! They're hard to get rid of when they're inside your home. I've never had slugs inside, but I've had a problem with them in our flower beds before; have you heard that they're attracted to beer? The yeast in it will draw them to your bowl, if you're looking to get rid of them permanently! My neighbor put shallow bowls of beer in her flower beds, and each day they'd be full of slugs. I'm sure it would work inside as well!

  3. I love the mini beasts. I don't like to kill them, unless they are wool munching moths. I had problems with slugs in the kitchen. I used to fling them out the front window and they'd come back in the next night. One night I put them out the back window and they've not been back. Fingers crossed.

  4. I don't like slugs - glad I seldom see them even outside. I hate ants and especially those who want to come inside. No thanks!

  5. I've not had slugs in this house but I did in our old house. We had some ants the other week but I managed to get rid of them. But the spiders have been horrendous, I have at least one every day. I get them on my washing line too, I have a rotary one and it's like a giant spiderweb. I hope you got rid of that fly, I hear that spiders like them x

  6. We are having a massive slug problem too, but thankfully not indoors. Hope you sort out how they are coming in and get it fixed. The others I can cope with but not slugs. Hope next week gets better for you.

  7. We always get lots of ants in the house at this time of year, we do a big line around the outside of the house with ant powder and that stops them! We also get little slugs in our kitchen, I've no idea how to keep those out but luckily they only come out overnight when I'm not there, I just see their trails on the bin! I just always make sure that I put the light on in the kitchen if I need to go in late at night!

  8. We are having problems with ants this time... they are building a few houses next to us and I find that anytime they pull up large tracts of trees like that for building we get flooded with all sort of "fun" stuff like ants, mice, and the like. I spent my day spraying and treating the whole outside in the hopes that I can stop them from coming in.

  9. I’m with you on the downside of everything growing during Spring means including the creatures you’d prefer not to be near you or inside your house! Sorry to hear you’ve had slugs coming into the living room. We had a similar problem in the kitchen a couple of years ago but filling in some tiny holes in the wall stopped it so hopefully Stu’s approach will do the same for you. Hope you managed to get rid of the fly too! #WotW