Saturday 25 May 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Solved! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It was going to be problem but I think that is quite a negative word and all the problems we have had have been solved now, they were nothing serious or anything to worry about in the grand scheme of things.

Carrying on from my word last week and the slugs in coming into the house, that problem has been solved. The salt did the trick and since it was put down none have been back, or at least they're not leaving their slimy trails. The ants seem to have disappeared from the back garden, that was until I hit another nest while doing some weeding during the week. They haven't come anywhere near the house though. Phew!

Our washing machine has been making a grinding noise off and on for a couple of weeks and Stu solved the mystery of why, there was money in the filter thing at the bottom of the washing machine, about 6 pound coins and some other change. I am blaming Becky as Ellie doesn't deal with money, she always uses her card and I know I never have money in my pockets and Stu is sensible enough to check his. Since the money came out of the washing machine it has been behaving it's self.

I have been having problems in the garden with weeds, one specific weed. Bindweed! It keeps taking over our garden and I have traced it back and most of the roots are coming under the fence from next door. Ugh! The neighbours are unapproachable so I have solved the problem myself. I weeded as much as I could and I have covered the side of our garden where the soil is in black bags hoping that the weed roots will die off. It can stay that way until next year. The plants I am growing can go into bigger pots as they grow, I have enough compost and I will have a year without planting them in the ground. I am so over the weeds! 

Stu came home from work and said it really wasn't a good idea with the black bin bags as if it rains it could just sit there and cause problems but on Wednesday it rained almost all day and there was a couple of patches of water but I have flattened the soil out and there is now no water sat. Phew! The rain did cause me a problem on Wednesday with the tomato plants that my dad gave me, I had to move them into our little shed as they were getting battered. The poor things.

The only other problem I have had this week is being cold, come on it's supposed to be heading towards summer but it feels more like Autumn. I solved that problem by getting my blanket back out of the cupboard under the stairs and my jumpers out of the bottom of the wardrobe. I saw on my Facebook memories this time in years gone by I was filling the paddling pool for the kids, complaining about being too hot on the school run, going to the beach and just enjoying the weather. Come on Mother Nature, get the memo that we want some sunshine! 

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. It must have been such a relief to know that there were a few coins in the washing machine and it is still working nicely. They are quite expensive and a bother to change as well.

    We have some sunshine today, so I will go for a walk to take advantage of it.

  2. Money found in pockets in the laundry or in the washing machine belongs to the one doing the washing, usually Mum! I'm sorry your neighbors are not approachable. I saw a tip on a recent blog post to put cardboard down where you wanted plants to die.

  3. Money! I know exactly what you mean. We've had that problem in the past and its the most annoying sound until it is solved! I happy you are able to deal with the weeds and yes, bring on the Summer weather!

  4. Solved is a great, positive word. Have a great weekend.

  5. I am so glad that most of your problems have been solved! My oldest is more likely to send packets of gum through the wash.. though I have found money, nails, bolts, nuts, and other assorted tools before (and not always his fault either!).

  6. Well done Stu for solving the problem with the washing machine. The slugs are yuk! We've occasionally had them too.

  7. So happy you managed to solve your problems. Well done Stu for saving the washing machine! We've had all sorts go through ours.
    Boo to the bindweed. That stuff is a nuisance.
    I'm totally done with the weather lol. It's just crazy. I've got the open fires and the stove burning away today. It's cold! xx

  8. Well done for solving your problems. I've never had a problem with bindweed, thank goodness. The weather has been kind of crazy, but it's Britain, I've come to expect nothing less. xx

  9. Glad you sorted out the problem with the slugs and that the washing machine is behaving itself now the rogue coins have been removed. Hope your trick with the black bags sorts out the bindweed. #WotW