Saturday 4 May 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Busy! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I feel like I have has such a busy week, being here there and everywhere. On Monday and Tuesday I was out for most of the day which is unusual for me. I will have days when I am out but always seem to spend the next day at home. Being out 2 days on the trot felt so strange but felt nice to be busy. 

Stu and I went to my dad's on Monday to help him out with some things on his computer and with his printer. He is always so grateful that we can help him as he is not good with computers, he spent most of his life not using one and now the world has changed everything needs to be done on them. Over the last couple of years he has even started doing his accounts on the Excel spreadsheets. I don't know how but he keeps losing the decimal point on his spreadsheet and forgets how to get it back. He had issues with his online banking and his printer was printing random dots on the paper. It turns out he had some dirt in it. Stu and I had some more errands to run and then we ended up at the pub. We only popped in for a pint and ended up stopping for a couple and a fish finger sandwich each. They were proper fish goujons not boring old fish fingers. We had a chat to a few people and then came home to make sure Becky was out of bed after her night shift.

On Tuesday I had appointments and errands to run. I left the house at lunchtime and it was after five when I got in. In fact I met Ellie getting off her college bus which was a surprise for her. I did have time to pick a nice outfit though, my legs were out for the first time this year with 3/4 length leggings on and my sandals. The sun shining gave my mood such a boost and I felt like dressing up nice even though I didn't really have to.

I needed Wednesday to catch up on the housework. The washing was piling up, the clean and dirty piles. It was a lovely day so at least I could get it out on the line to dry. I have realised that sorting the clean washing is taking longer than it should. Becky keeps pinching t-shirts off Stu and claiming them, they both now have the same socks, both the girls wear exactly the same black jeans and Stu and Ellie have some of the same pj's. How am I supposed to know who's is who's? Someone on Twitter did suggest cutting the tags out of one of the girls clothes which will differentiate between them which I am going to do when one of them agrees to it. I was tempted to write on the tags who's clothes were who's. lol

I thought I was going to have a day to catch up on some blogging on Thursday but by the time I had done the jobs around the house Ellie decided she wanted her hair cut and dyed. It really needed doing and it was nice to do something together even if she did scream and shout when it came to washing the dye out. I have told her if she keeps making such a fuss I won't be doing it again. She is such a drama queen, I know she doesn't like water on her face but that's the price she pays when I am doing her hair and she won't sit still. Oops. lol Her hair does look fabulous now though.

Yesterday Ellie and I went to my dad's and his partner was there which was a nice surprise. I haven't seen her for a few weeks as she has been busy so we had a big catch up. We were chatting for about 3 hours which was lovely. I was very grateful to my dad who gave us a lift home, the rain was awful! 

I don't know what we have planned for the bank holiday weekend. We could do with doing some work in the garden but that all depends on the weather. It's hard to tell, the Met Office says it's going to be dry tomorrow and Monday and the BBC website says we're going to get rain for tomorrow and Monday afternoon. Who knows? 

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. I have a similar clothes dilemma in between Vic's regular clothes and clothes that are at less than their best and are only worn for around the house DIY. I used a permanent marker with an H (house) on the tags as sometimes I can't tell which is which.

  2. I like the idea of cutting off the tag. With three children, it wouldn't work for me. Why does everyone wear black or blue jeans. Tops are much easier. I did go through a stage of using a sharpie to put coloured dots on the labels, but socks are the real challenge. It does sound like you have had a busy time. Nice to fit in a pub lunch and a good natter too. Hope the weather is good for you over the weekend.

  3. Your week sounds so lovely! It's nice to be busy. As for the weather... I can tell you it's going to rain on Monday. It always does on a bank holiday. Enjoy, whatever you do.

  4. You did have a busy week. I "love" when the weather predictions for BBC and Met Office are contradicting themselves. It's back to look at the sky to see how the clouds look like and hope for the best. :D

  5. This definitely sounds like a busy week. I'm so sorry for Stu's computer problems.

  6. I used to have the clothing problem with my girls when they were younger, but now they wear very different clothes. I hope you managed to have a lovely bank holiday weekend. x

  7. That does sound like a busy week. Nice to be able to wear sandals and 3/4 length leggings and to meet Ellie off the bus. Sorting the washing sounds tricky with people having the same clothes – cutting out the tags sounds like a good idea to help make it easier to work out what’s what! How lovely to catch up with your dad’s partner. Hope you managed to get some of the gardening done over the bank holiday weekend. #WotW