Thursday 23 May 2024

Clothes shopping with my girls.

Up until the beginning of last year or so my girls weren't really interested in clothes shopping. Yes, they would come out with me and buy what they needed but they had no interest in spending a day in town just looking around shops but things have changed and I am loving it!

Clothes shopping

It all started just over a year ago when Ellie decided she wanted to wear skirts and dresses instead of the hoodies and oversized clothes that she usually wore. She jumped straight in, bought a few outfits and hasn't looked back and I am glad to say still wears the clothes that she bought a year ago. There are of course some days when she goes back to wearing tracksuits and hoodies when she wants to be comfy but it's mostly crop tops (which I am not a fan of), dresses and really smart clothes! 

Ellie's clothes

We have had some fantastic shopping trips. She can think of nothing better than spending a few hours looking around Primark, yes it takes that long. She has got it down to perfection now. Walks around looking at what they have without picking anything up and then does a 2nd walk around picking up what she wants. I think in all of our trips there are only a few times that I have said no, you are not getting that. One was a skin tight body suit and the other was a dress which she might as well not have been wearing as it showed way too much off!

Becky has always been a tom-boy in the way that she dresses with hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and oversized t-shirts. She has never been overly confident when it comes to how she dresses and even now still wants to fade into the background but she has come to realise that her tracksuits and baggy clothes are just not suitable for nights out. She has been going out more to concerts, club nights and even to bingo at our local pub and has noticed everyone dresses up a little or a lot depending on where she is. She has been buying a few tops to go with the black jeans which she always wears but needed some more outfits.

Last week she asked me to go shopping with her to pick some new clothes. I jumped at the chance and really did think I would have my work cut out but it was easy! Usually Becky shops in the men's section but she went straight around the ladies section and was picking up a few things. Her basket was filling with nice tops, smart trousers, a couple of shirts and some plain black trainers. She knew she couldn't keep wearing her black and white Nike trainers for nights out but hates real shoes so black trainers were the way to go! They look really smart.

Becky's clothes

We stopped at the make up section which didn't impress her much, she might be wearing really nice clothes but make up is a total no go for her. She does make me chuckle. I picked up and eyelash curler and she thought it was some sort of torture device and couldn't get her head around why there were so many different shades of foundation until I explained that everyone's skin colour is different. She does make me chuckle.

We carried on to another shop and I could tell that Becky was feeling more confident in her clothing choices when she picked up some shorts. She only wears shorts around the house or when she knows we're not going to see anyone that she knows. This time she was buying shorts to wear while she's going out with friends in the summer.

One of the reasons I love shopping with my girls is that as much as they are about shopping they are all about refreshments too. hehehe When I go shopping with Stu he hates going to Costa or Starbucks but my girls love to stop off for a drink and last week we tried the Mango Dragonfruit Refresha drinks. I don't know if I am a fan. I wasn't overly keen on the taste but I couldn't stop drinking it. I will have to get another to make sure. hehehe

Now that I have been out shopping with Becky, Ellie is hinting at we need a shopping trip together. She better get saving as that girl thinks money grows on trees. 

Do you like going clothes shopping?


  1. A girls' shopping trip is so fun. I haven't been clothes shopping with Sophia in several years, but I enjoyed our last trip to Seattle together. We have Nordstrom, a huge department store, and lots of little boutiques in a pretty central area. I don't seem to buy clothes for myself much anymore, but I enjoyed shopping for her.

  2. That is so fun that your girls enjoy shopping with you! My daughter really loves wearing skirts right now, so it is fun to see what she picks. Totally agree about the crop tops, but what can you do...ha, ha!

  3. It's lovely that your girls like to go shopping with you. I love clothes shopping but I go with friends. Craig gets bored and the boys even more so!
    I think the shorts and top really suits Becky. xx