Sunday 12 May 2024

Week 19 of #Project365 5th - 11th May. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday and to anyone from the US who is celebrating Mother's Day today, I hope you have a wonderful day! We are going to make the most of the warm weather and have lunch out at the pub and hopefully sit outside in the beer garden and enjoy a few drinks, if there's space. We were there last Sunday and it wasn't as warm as it's supposed to be today and it was packed.

We have had a good week, just plodding on. It didn't seem as hectic as the last few weeks which I am glad about but I seem to have got more done over the past week at my own pace. We tackled the garden, that is tidy. The mountains of washing are sorted and all put away and I even got the kids to tidy their bedrooms. I feel more in control of life at the moment.

Did anyone else see the Northern Lights? I totally missed them and saw all the photos yesterday morning. I am hoping I saw them last night or I will feel like I have really missed out. Hmmf!

Now for a photo every day!

Youngest and a cheese grater
The back garden
Bingo night and Taylor Swift magazine
Me and my eldest and weedkiller

126/365 - 5th May
We went out for lunch and this time Ellie joined Stu and I. She didn't fancy a roast dinner so had a breakfast. She was so happy that they gave her extra hash browns instead of the mushrooms that she didn't like.

127/365 - 6th May
This is Becky's favourite kitchen gadget, the cheese grater. She actually bought it herself when she saw it on TikTok. She eats a lot of cheese so it was well worth the money but it is a nightmare to clean.

128/365 - 7th May
The garden was tidy, a full line of washing and mostly blue sky. I have got all the washing done this week and have emptied the dirty washing basket a few times, it's just a shame that my family keep needing to wear clean clothes.

129/365 - 8th May
Bingo at the pub. We did well between us. Got a few free drinks around £30 in winnings and I won a bottle of wine which I will be drinking today. 

130/365 - 9th May
Ellie was given a Taylor Swift magazine and she thinks it's the best thing ever. She even learned a few things about her which she didn't know before.

131/365 - 10th May
Becky and me. Sunglasses were needed, I am loving all of this sunshine! I hope it lasts.

132/365 - 11th May
I put some weed killer down on the concrete outside. I had planned on cleaning the patio furniture but it was just too warm for me to be outside. I will get around to it eventually, I need to, I want to get the umbrella out and sit in the shade.

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  1. Great pictures of the week! I love mushrooms and I love hash browns just as much. It seems like everywhere we turn right now, Taylor Swift is on a magazine cover.

  2. I'm with Ellie on no mushrooms too. I'm getting through the washing too, although no outdoor line so have to put the clothes horse outside.

  3. Great photos for the week - me, I adore hash browns! #MMBC

  4. No mushrooms for me either, but I'd have had the roast dinner. I've got no interest or knowledge on Taylor Swift. I'm really hoping I can get the garden sorted to just spend time in it, hope you get the patio furniture cleaned soon

  5. Wonderful photos, Kim! Your week does sound really nice. I love mushrooms, but I would not say no to extra potatoes.

    -Soma xx

  6. I missed the lights too..was well gutted after seeing all the pictures!