Saturday 18 May 2013

Chicken and mango kebabs.......

Thought I would try something different for tea tonight....There's only so many times we can have burgers in buns or a picnic tea....I wanted something quick and easy to make and yummy too so I found a recipe for these...

So tonight for tea we have Chicken and mango kebabs served with some rice.....

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves 4

2 large chicken breasts, cubed
1 large mango, peeled and cubed
2 tbsp mango chutney
3 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
juice 1⁄2 lime

1 - Thread the chicken, mango pieces onto the skewers. Mix the mango chutney, sweet chilli sauce, lime juice together and pour over the kebabs. Marinate for 30 minutes if you have time.

2 - Cook the kebabs under a preheated grill for 10 minutes, turning occasionally, and basting with the sauce. Serve with extra sweet chilli sauce if liked.

They sound delicious and seems nice and quick to make too....I think I may add some peppers to give it more flavor & taste.....

I'm getting hungry just thinking about these!!


  1. I love this.. Going to try it out! x

    1. They were delicious!! I did some with pineapple too because my youngest decided she didn't like Mango even though she normally eats it!!...Awkward so and so she