Saturday 25 May 2013

We went to the Circus!!!

A good friend of mine's husband is a local business owner and got 3 free tickets to the Circus which was in town and as she was away on holiday she gave them to us!!

We went last night and had an brilliant time....The girls loved it and were absolutely amazed! I'm sure Ellie got some ideas how to cause more chaos then she does.....

I have so many videos and photos.....Far too many to share them all but here's some of the highlights!!

The tightrope walker put on such a show!! On the video just after 30 seconds I nearly had a heart attack! He fell!! The girls screamed.....Since found out it's all part of the show!! Wow!!

The guys on the spinny thing were fab!! Watched it holding my The girls were sat mouths open absolutely amazed!!

The girl on the rope did so well considering she was a stand in....The taxi driver on the way there said on the opening night the original girl had an accident in the show & broke her leg!! 

 The Acrobats were brill....Fire, limbo dancing & acrobatics!! A great act!! They got in so many poses....Like a human pyramid but them piled up in the strangest yet amazing ways!!

Ellie has a thing about doing the Limbo....Hope she gets no ideas from them....No playing with fire for her!!

Then there was two girls who balanced on balls while juggling and spun hula hoops.....On of them had the hoops set on fire which looked amazing and was another wow moment!! 

Then the finale..... The Thunder-ball riders!! WOW!! They brought out a big metal ball and the act involved guys on motorbikes whizzing round it....The first guy to go in wasn't even a guy he was a boy....Maybe about 12 or 13 years old....Then another joined him....I was gobsmacked!! What brave people they are!! They started going round the middle then from top to bottom....The girls loved it......They just couldn't stop saying wow!! 

I would definitely go again!! The girls loved it......I did too!! 

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  1. What a wonderful Circus. So talented! The last time I went to a circus I was 5!

    Will definitely take Cameron when he is a bit older.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again on Saturday

    Laura x x x