Friday 26 February 2016

I'm sick of this week - WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We have had a right week...I say we, I mean Ellie....She has not had a good week at all...

On Saturday we went to my friends daughters birthday party....The music was loud. Not unbearable but probably too loud for Ellie....She never complained once and had a great time but we had came home and had tea and watched a bit of TV.....By about half nine Ellie was complaining of earache....Considering she is deaf in one ear she's never had earache before....The pain was in her good ear which was a massive worry....I felt so bad. I know sometimes she covers her ears when there is loud noises....She was crying, sobbing in pain and burning up....She had some Calpol which seemed to help and she perked up....

On Sunday she was back to her normal self but it really frightened me....I have been in touch with the hearing lady and she is going to get us an appointment for a hearing test....I am probably being over protective but she only has hearing in one ear and Ellie is such a trooper so will probably battle on and not say anything even if her ear only hurts a tiny bit....I really don't want anything to happen to her good ear....One thing is for sure there will be no more discos for her for a while....

On Tuesday Ellie was in bed and started screaming....She had been sick....She was burning up again....She decided the nitty lotion I had used on her earlier that evening was to blame....I personally think it was related to the trouble she had with her ear on Saturday. She had a day off school on Wednesday and spent most of it on the sofa wrapped in a duvet, watching Cbeebies....She went back to school yesterday and seems fine now.....

There was a funny moment with Becky and her....She had Becky sat on the floor next to her just because she missed her so she says....I think it was so she could look over Becky's shoulder at her tablet....hehehe

Becky hasn't had the perfect week either.....The hook on her braces broke again on Monday and the first appointment they could give us is on Monday coming....Ugh! The waiting times are so bad.....

It has been a pretty rotten week but we all survived and I for one am glad the weekend is nearly hear....We're having a quiet one with no sickness hopefully! Next week we'll start over and hopefully get back into a routine....

The Reading Residence


  1. Poor Ellie and what a rough week for you all. I'm glad that she is feeling better now and hope that her ear is okay and that the hearing test will be reassuring. Love the photo of her looking over Becky's shoulder - Ellie might have had a ulterior motive but it was lovely that she wanted her sister. Hope that Becky's braces are fixed soon as well and that you have a lovely (and healthy!) weekend x

  2. Oh dear Kim, I hope Ellie is feeling much better now. I can imagine it is a worry with her hearing, I hope everything goes well with the hearing test.
    And poor Becky too, they have been in the wars bless.
    I hope you all have a fab weekend (with no illness in sight) xx

  3. Oh no, it does sound a rough week all round. I do hope Ellie's fine now and the hearing test goes well. Best of luck at the dentists, hope you manage to have a good weekend x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Sounds like a tough week, I hope Ellie is better, Hoping next week is an easy one for you all #wotw

  5. Oh no how awful - hope the next week is much kinder to you all.

  6. Oh no what a week! I hope Ellie is better real soon and you have a better week next week!xx

  7. Hi Kim, it's a shame that Ellie got earache at the party and hopefully the pain she felt was nothing more than part of the bug she was coming down with, rather than a problem with her good ear. I have a friend whose son has a cochlear implant and when he comes down ill she is relieved when it goes to his chest and doesn't stay in his head.

    Braces a right pain when they break, the orthodontist we use only comes to the island once a month, so there has been many a time we've had to cut loose brace wires to prevent them creating sores. Luckily my daughters brace days will soon be over.


  8. Oh dear I do hope that everyone gets better soon and that next week makes up for this one. #wotw

  9. Oh no poor Ellie I hope she is feeling better. I hope next week is a better week for you all x

  10. Oh dear what a rough week, hope you recover is here soon. I know how Elliw feels I am super sensitive noise and causes me brightening headache. Good luck with Monday,I hate waiting X #wotw