Tuesday 23 February 2016

My Mothers Day Wishlist...

Mothers Day is in a few weeks....A day for me to get spoiled....Stu's mam is no longer with us and my mother is no longer in my life...So Mothering Sunday is all about me!! Hooray! I would be happy with just cards from my girls but Stu always likes to let them buy gifts too.....I am not going to complain....hehehe I am going to drop a few hints starting with this blog post....

Mummy Peppa Pig Pyjamas - £14.00 - Asda
Mother's Day Petite Basket - £26.99 - Interflora
Reserved For Mum Slogan Cushion - £15.00 - M&S
My Favourite People Call Me Mum Tote Bag - £9.99 - Funky Pigeon

Mother's Day Wine Glass - £1.00 - Poundland
Thanks Mum - £15.95 - Lush
Baylis & Harding Signature Collection Assorted 6 Candle Set - £15.00 - Debenhams
Dear Mum - From You to Me Book - £13.00 - Journals of a Lifetime
Saucepans recipe book - £10.00 - Paperchase
The Mother's Day Sleekster - £22.00 - Hotel Chocolat
Butterfly Print Scarf - £6.00 - Asda
I love u mum biscuit card - £9.00 - Biscuiteers

Pink Peony And Rose Bottle - £10.00 - Next
Personalised Prosecco With Small Heart Gift Set - £30.00 - Moonpig
Little Little Book of Earrings - £16.99 - Tesco
Choc on Choc Chocolate Handbag - £8.97 - Lakeland

Is there anything you fancy? 
What will you be getting your mother on Mothers Day?


  1. I would be happy with any of those gifts but I particularly like the Paperchase Recipe Book (or any of the chocolates) Like you I fell out with my mum, we didn't speak for 5 years and I found Mother's Day really difficult, the card sentiments especially. Ironically, it was my sending her a card on Mother's Day that brought us back together. The situation was very different to yours, but I did receive an apology by letter after I sent her the card. She's no longer here now, so Mother's Day is difficult again but in a different way.
    I really hope you get something special for Mother's Day, because I think you're doing a great job x

    1. So sorry about your mum. I am glad you made up. I don't think that will ever happen with my mother.
      Thank you!

  2. Love your wishlist - might have to add the Mummy Pig pyjamas and the chocolate handbag to mine and start dropping hints! :-)

  3. Oo you have picked some lovely things! Love the bag and the journal! xxxx

  4. Hope you have a lovely day and are spoilt rotten. And my mum always refers to it as Mothering Sunday too, there's some fab items on your wishlist too #mmbc

  5. You've picked out some great things there Kim, I like that 'reserved for mum' cushion. I hadn't even thought about Mother's Day yet, but I did receive a gorgeous surprise gift from my mum today! Better get my thinking cap on!

  6. Oh I love your wishlist Kim, I'd be happy with any of these lol.
    I love the Pj's though and the little candles, will have to start dropping some hints I think hehe :) xx