Saturday 6 February 2016

Project 366....Week 5

Hello February! So far it's seeming much better than January....This week was a bit of a fail with a photo every day....I managed one each day but they are not the most exciting....

30/366 30th January.
A peaceful Saturday morning....Computer time!

31/366 31st January.
She filled up her reward chart so deserved a treat!

32/366 1st February.
A beautiful morning.

33/366 2nd February.
I tell the kids off for having too many bubbles in the bath....They were the one's telling me off when they saw my bath....Oops.

34/366 3rd February.
A quick and easy tea.....The kids loved it.

35/366 4th February.
A beautiful bunch of flowers were delivered.....Shame they weren't for me. I took them in for the lady over the road.

36/366 5th February.
Five minutes after getting in from school this is the mess Ellie created.....Imagine what the house was like after an 

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  1. My week wasn't particularly great for photos this week either, I actually had to cheat a couple of days... I also have a LOT of bubbles in a bath. CC is strange, he doesn't like bubbles but I still get through roughly a bottle a week! Well done to your girl on filling up her chart!

    1. It's hard to take photos when there is illness in the house. I hope CC is feeling better now!
      Thank you x

  2. That's a lot of mess in five minutes! That does look a good tea :) Very bad mummy for all those bubbles!

    1. I know. It took a lot longer than 5 minutes for her to tidy it up. lol

  3. Beautiful sky and pretty flowers! Hope someone will give you a bouquet soon. We love tortelloni as well, but I haven't tried this one from Tesco.

    1. Thank you! Valentines day is coming up so hopefully I will get a bouquet soon. hehehe

  4. I found this week a hard one taking photos too. Our post school arrival entails dumping everything on the floor!

  5. you can never have too many bubbles. The kids can, but not us mums!
    Well done to your daughter on getting her reward chart filled in - a treat was def deserved. I love tortellini x

  6. That sky is just gorgeous and the bubble bath looks very inviting. The flowers are beautiful too - what a shame they weren't for you!

  7. We love the Tesco fresh pasta and sauce, it is always a hit here. Ooooh a bubbly bath, I haven't had a relaxing soak in so long, showers are just quicker but after seeing your bubbles I want one! x

  8. LOL at the bubbles, miss my bath and radox.
    Sometimes quick teas are needed, we use tortellini after my 11 hr shifts as it is quick and easy.
    She looks happy with her reward.

  9. I'm struggling also with taking a picture every day that inspires me but i guess the whole point is that it is just our daily lives. Hubby always tells me off about the bubbles in the bath and the fact i fill it to the top