Wednesday 27 February 2013

Boredom Busters...

Here are a few ideas for activities for bad weather days as we seem to be having a lot of them lately!!

Masking tape play
Grab a roll or two of masking tape and you can create play areas....Make roads and tracks for toy cars or make a Hopscotch path on the carpet for an indoor game...The possibilities are endless.

Pizza party
Get the kids into the kitchen and make their own pizza...You could even make paper chef hats to wear...Either make your own pizza bases or buy a mix from the supermarket...Then let the kids go to town adding tomato sauce and their own mix of toppings. Everyone will have great fun designing their pizzas and what's more you've also then got tea sorted and the fun of eating them afterwards..

Puppet show

Find an old shoe box or cereal box and make it into your very own puppet theatre .....Cut out doors to open and then a hole or slit for children to hold up their puppets. You can use any finger puppets you already have or make some using drawings on card, glued to a lollipop stick or straw. 
Make different backdrops to set the scenes and then let the kids make up their very own puppet show....

Fashion passion
Find and revamp some old clothes to give them a colourful new lease of life.....Try tie dying old t-shirts, sewing on new buttons, ribbons or trims to clothes or making designs on them with fabric paints or pens.

Party games

Who says good old fashioned games have to be reserved for parties? Throw a 'Just Because Party' and play some old favourites such as musical statues, musical bumps, follow my leader or even pass the parcel!!

Room tidying competition
We love this one! This involves you setting a challenge for each child to see who can tidy their room in the fastest time. You can set a timer or simply count loudly until they have finished their tidying and the winner can choose what activity you do next. Genius!

Create a film

Let your children take charge of the video camera for an afternoon and create their own little film. Whether they star in it themselves or use their teddies/dollies/Lego men as characters - it's a great way to entice creative role-play and fill a few rainy hours at home. 

Games afternoon
Use a rainy afternoon to dust off those old board games and enjoy a big games fest. Hungry hippos, junior scrabble, connect 4, rummy...there's lots of fun games that can be enjoyed by all the family. If however, your games offering is a little thin on the ground, why not make up your own? Get the kids to design their own concept - you can even create your own characters and rules by putting it all down on paper.

Design a robot

Grab any old cereal boxes, loo rolls and tin foil and let your child make their own robot model. If you have lots of spare craft materials, let them loose with the buttons, ribbon, sequins and string to create something truly unique. Once they're done you can take a quick snap of them with their robot and let them spend the afternoon online finding out more about their robotic friends and how they'll develop in the future. You can also expand the robot theme further by letting them watch old Star Wars films or something more contemporary like Wall-E.

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  1. Oh the hop scotch brings back so many memories :-) I might have to try this with my son as he loves hopping around.