Sunday 10 February 2013

Pulse Oximetry screening!! #CHD

When we’re pregnant, we don’t want to imagine something could be wrong with our baby’s heart. Don’t heart defects happen to other families? Truth is, they happen to any family.

CHF is campaigning for the introduction of Pulse Oximetry screening for all newborn babies in the UK. 

The test measures the oxygen levels in the blood and evidence shows it is an effective test in detecting three quarters of congenital heart conditions..

The pulse ox is placed by a sticky strip, like a band-aid, with a small red light, or “probe,” on the baby’s hand or foot. The probe is attached to a wire, which is attached to a special monitor that shows the pulse ox reading. The pulse ox test takes just a few minutes to perform....

Maybe if this test was carried out in newborns my girls would not of been 2 and 7 years old when we found out about their heart problems....

Newborn babies already have a number of tests as part of their screening after birth, what we are calling for is for this quick, easy to administer and inexpensive test to be part of this process.....Already a number of hospitals and leading the way and using it, but we want every baby to be covered and all parents to have greater peace of mind. 

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