Saturday 5 November 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 44

The clocks changed and so has the weather....It has seemed so much colder this week than it has been....It was back to school for the kids this week and I have started to get very excited about Christmas.

Now for a photo every day....

303/366 29th October
A party tea.

304/366 30th October
Lazy Sunday.

305/366 31st October
The girls Halloween loot.

306/366 1st November
Board games.

307/366 2nd November
The Christmas music is back on the TV!

308/366 3rd November
I love it when my fella brings me treats. hehehe

309/366 4th November
One of the best things about Friday's. Fresh doughnuts delivered with the shopping!


  1. Wow, the girls did get a lot of sweets! We had very little time to go trick or treating this year as my daughter had a school disco and Monday is Scouts night. Not Christmas music already?! I think about 10th December is the right time for Christmas music!

  2. Some great photos there. What a great idea, I may try and do this next year...oh for some strange reason, I am now craving jam doughnuts ;-) #MMBC