Thursday 24 November 2016

A Walking Dead Wishlist.

My fella and I both love The Walking Dead....The new series has been brilliant. I want to hate Negan but I can't....I hate him but at the same time he makes me laugh so much. He is such a fantastic villain....Anyway I digress. Every year my fella and I always see so much to do with The Walking Dead that we want....We never get around to getting it but I can dream....

Daryl Dixon - We Are The Walking Dead pajama set - £41.99 - EMP
Negan Pop! Vinyl Figure - £9.99 - My Geek Box
Walking Dead Monopoly - £29.99 - Argos
Little Miss Michonne Mug - £7.40 - Amazon
The Walking Dead 2017 Official Calendar - £8.99 - HMV

The Walking Dead: The Complete Season 1-6 - £49.99 - HMV
Daryl Dixon Vinyl Sugar Idolz Action Figure - £18.99 - IWOOT
Eeny Meeny Miny Moe t-shirt - £15.29 - EMP
Crossbow A5 Notebook - £5.99 - The Calendar Club

The Walking Dead Upper And Lower Prison Cells Construction Set - £24.99 - Zavvi
The Walking Dead Banner Mug - £7.99 - My Geek Box
The Walking Dead Dead Already Belt - £12.99 - Grindstore
The Walking Dead - Charlie Billfold Wallet - £19.99 - Forbidden Planet
The Walking Dead Fleece Blanket - £15.99 - Price Right Home

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Is there anything here that you would fancy?


  1. Oh god! I want all of these! Hehe. Where the hell have I been? Walking Dead Monopoly!!!! I need this in my life, in-fact I need it all. We are loving The Walking Dead too. And I know what you mean about Negan, he is an absolute twat, but such a loveable one lol :) x

    1. hehehe! The Monopoly has been around for a couple of years.
      Thank you!