Wednesday 30 November 2016

She's coming back. #ElfOnTheShelf

For the last couple of years throughout December we have had a house guest.....This year she is coming back! It is of course our little Elf on the shelf Elizabeth.

We have had great fun with her over the last couple of years....Some people find these elves creepy but we love ours....My girls are at an age now where they don't believe in Santa....Becky is a none believer but Ellie still partly believes. I want to keep the magic going for as long as possible and if it means messing about with a elf so be it....

The first year that Elizabeth was with us she was quite a naughty elf.....She got up to such mischief. Writing on the kitchen cupboard doors in chalk, writing on photos, pinching sweets, making a mess with toothpaste and generally being cheeky! The girls of course thought it was hilarious and it actually helped with them getting up on a morning because they were so keen to see what she had done.....

Last year Elizabeth was much nicer....It was more a big game of hide and seek.....The best hiding place was her wrapped in toilet roll on the fireplace....It took the girls a long time to find her.....hehehe

  Last year on Christmas eve she was very kind and left the girls a box of treats....Their Christmas PJ's, a bath set, chocolates and some hot chocolate....The girls had to work to find it though.....I set up a little treasure hunt....

When the girls woke up Stu & I sent them downstairs and they went hunting....We were laid in bed laughing at their screeches and running about....hehehe We had hidden the prize box in our bedroom....They had the best time and were very happy with their reward....

This year I am going to have to come up with some new ideas....I have some things already planned which I am very excited about....

Do you have a elf visiting you in December?


  1. I always wanted and Elf, they look like so much fun. My daughter would love this idea :)

    1. They really are a lot of fun! My girls love it x

  2. I love the idea of it but I never started it because I know I'd forget to move it every night and the girls have ended up disappointed!

    1. hehehe! I nearly forgot last night and we're only a couple of days in. lol