Wednesday 20 May 2015

I annoy myself....

The inspiration for this blog post came from a Tweet I tweeted on a little while ago.....I often annoy myself, doing stupid things....Things I shouldn't but do...Grrr!

It's true.....I put music on my laptop....Usually my playlist from YouTube and sing along.....I frown when I sing to a song.....It gives me a headache....I can't stop myself doing it!

I obsess about being on time for things so much so that I am usually too early for everything then feel stupid for being early....

When I play Minecraft with the kids I scream in fear when some nasty thing jumps out on me.....So much so Stu came running in from the kitchen one time because he thought something was wrong.....The kids can play it without screaming! Why can't I!

I can't spell words.....Not all words obviously! Every time I type words like definitely, difficulty, schedule, recommend, inspiration, embarrass, experience & immediate I have to Google them and yes I just

I get stressed about deliveries....If I know something is going to be delivered like a parcel or my weekly grocery shop I panic in case I miss the person knocking at the door....I will not have the TV or any music on.....The house has to be quiet!

I am shy....I hate it but can't seem to change it...

I am a mouse breaker......Computer mouses! I use a laptop on a tray on my knee and there leaves little space for the mouse....I end up hitting the connecting wires and they break! In the other side I have a spare e-cig charging...

Yes I could get a wireless one....I've had one in the past but dropped it a I could swap it with my e-cig but that costs £6 to replace...A mouse costs £1! Thanks Poundland! I stocked up when they had them in.....

I always have so much that I could say on Twitter.....I will write a tweet and then realise 140 characters is nowhere near enough so just don't bother saying it.....

I type LOL all the 

I always drink cold coffee....I make it, never drink it straight away because it's too hot then forget about it.... 

I always leave it until the last minute to go for a wee....

I use an e-cigarette and have a puff on it every now and again....At least 20 times a day I will lose the e-cig....I usually find it down my cleavage or the side of my armchair....

I can't make the exact amount to feed the Stu, my girls and myself....I always, always make too much.....

I make mountains out of molehills! If something worries me it I think it is the worst thing in the world when actually it is nothing! 

I keep buying baked beans.....Last count there was 15 tins in the cupboard.....

The bed has to be made properly before I get into it....If the covers aren’t straight, forget it....

I can't bring myself to delete things off my Sky planner....Films like Dirty Dancing, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz and Titanic! I do have the DVD's and rarely watch them so have no reason the keep them.....

I can't just eat one or two Jaffa cakes....It has to be nearly a full packet....

Do you do things which annoy you?


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one who types lol all the time or who has cupboards full of tins of baked beans!

    1. I feel much better I'm not alone in these things :)

  2. Ha ha, love this post! So honest and funny. Loving your baked beans obsession. I get like that with the planner, too, it's just easier to have them there to watch, isn't it?! x

    1. Thank you! It is easier to have them there to watch. :D

  3. I so relate to most of these!I hate it that I can't sleep if the elasticated sheet comes off at the corner of the bed and have to get up to sort it by which time I'm wide awake and listening to the hubby snore like a train x

    1. Oh dear! Elasticated sheets are so annoying x

  4. This made me laugh ,
    I also have to stop myself typing Lol on the blog because my posts would be full of it else Lol! ;).
    And loving your over indulging of the Jaffas!, mine are chocie hobnobs, I destroy them, I swear il never be a slim one! x

    1. Ahh! So glad I am not alone in tying ;)

  5. Oh my goodness, the e-cig down the cleavage?? I am beyond happy that it isn't just me!! Lol (yes, I do it too) xx

  6. Oh I can identify with a few of these things Kim. Drinking cold coffee because I leave it to cool down and then forget about it and cooking too much food. I can also identify with the baked bean thing - although for me it's tinned hot dog sausages because they are our quick and easy option for adding to pasta for dinner - the girls love them so I always end up putting them on the shopping list and forget that there are already several tins in the cupboard! :-)

  7. Haha i was nodding along as i do some of these things myself! i always cook way to much, worry about parcels and i am forever drinking cold coffee's and i also spell check words on my phone whilst i am blogging as i am terrible at spelling haha xx