Tuesday 19 May 2015

Upbeat Protein Drinks - Review

Recently I was sent some vouchers to get myself some Upbeat dairy protein drinks....I always think of protein drinks being for body builders & sporty people but I soon realised they are good for everybody!

Upbeat is a delicious dairy drink that’s high in protein, low in fat and has half the sugar of most fruit smoothies with around 150 calories. Made with fresh whey protein and real fruit, they come in 4 yummy flavours – Blueberry & Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango & Passion Fruit and Chocolate & Orange.

It is said we need around 1g of protein for every kg of body weight and more if you exercise. 60g is the equivalent to roughly a small chicken breast, a small salmon fillet and a bottle of Upbeat.

Upbeat is available in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, The Co-operative Food, Booths, WHSmith Travel, Budgens and more! 

My local stockist was Holland and Barret....We have an average size store here in Ashington but the first day I went and they had none in stock at all....They were waiting for a delivery....I went back the next day and all they had was the Blueberry & Raspberry and the Strawberry so I made do with them....

I was keen to get home and give them a try....

These drinks come in 250ml bottles and I think it is the perfect size portion....There is enough to fill you up but not too much that you feel like you are drinking it forever to get the protein you need....
First up was the strawberry one....It smelt great and tasted even better....I could really taste the strawberries. They didn't taste fake and artificial like in some drinks which also claim to use real fruit....

Then there was the Blueberry & Raspberry drink....I'll admit I am not too keen on blueberries but this drink isn't overpowered by them you can taste the raspberries in equal measure....It is one I wouldn't buy again for myself but the kids loved it....As well as the protein in it there is the added bonus of calcium too which of course is good for their growing bodies....

I am useless when it comes to eating breakfast, I never seem to find the time to eat but these are a healthy alternative....I could even drink them when out on the school run.....Very handy!

Over the weekend I got my normal food shop delivered from Tesco and I ordered a couple of the Chocolate and Orange flavours to try...They are on offer at the moment and each bottle is £1....

Usually by the afternoon I am craving something sweet and thought these would be perfect.....

The chocolate one is a lot thicker than the fruity Upbeat drinks which is perfect....It seems more indulgent and more of a treat....

Of course it was delicious....It is chocolate after all....It filled me up and beat the craving....Much more healthier than a slice of cake or a chocolate bar that I usually have....It kept me going until tea time....

I would buy these drinks again and again.....They are very tasty and a great alternative to have for breakfast and as a snack....

These are suitable for just about everyone....It is recommended that you get more protein in your diet when pregnant and breastfeeding these can be a convenient way of helping you reach your needs....

Now I just have to find somewhere that sells the Mango & Passion Fruit as no one local to me seems too....

We were sent some vouchers to try some of the Upbeat drinks...This is my honest review...All thoughts and opinions are of course my own... 


  1. I think blueberry would be my favourite. #TriedTested

  2. Oooh, they look good - I'm doing more exercise at the moment so I'll have to look out for these. Especially the chocolate one...

  3. I reviewed these last year and we loved them, although there were only 2 flavours in the range then. Didn't realise that they had introduced a chocolate and orange one. Will have to give that a try, especially as you say it is on offer #triedtested

  4. These I will have to give a try as like you come dinner time once I've dropped my youngest off at nursery I crave something sugary for energy even though I know it's bad but these I will have to try! x

  5. I have seen these when I've been at the shops but never tried them. Chocolate and orange sounds really yummy! #triedtested

  6. I think these would be great for my running days, extra protein is always good. I like your thinking with the chocolate one too, great idea #triedtested

  7. Ohh they sound quite nice, I like that they're available in a few different flavours too.

    Helen - #triedtested

    1. Yes makes a nice change from just having a couple of flavours :)

  8. I love the fact there is so much protein in these drinks. I really struggle at times to get enough into my diet.

  9. I like the sound of the chocolate orange and strawberry ones - wouldn't have thought of trying protein drinks but these sound quite nice :-)

    1. I know, I just thought they were for gym goers and bodybuilders :)

  10. Have not tried any yet but I think the chocolate and orange would be my favourite and might help me not to eat so much chocolate :-)

  11. I'm not a fan of milky drinks tbh but I could be tempted to try these!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x