Saturday 23 May 2015

Project 365 - Week 21

This week I could have quite easily taken a photo everyday of the different and crazy weather we've been having....I think we've had everything in one week! Next week I'm hoping for some sunshine as it's half term....

136/365. 16th May 2015

Someone couldn't wait to get in the living room to start eating the Beer Braised Chicken Tacos....hehehe They were so good though.
137/365. 17th May 2015

Becky being silly...When we have moments like this I forget all about her being a hormonal tween!

138/365. 18th May 2015

My girls had been messing with my I didn't see this until I went to get the photos for the week....

139/365. 19th May 2015

Hailstones the size of gumballs.....We're nearly into June not October....Mother Nature sort yourself out!

140/365. 20th May 2015

Usually I get pizza takeaway menus through my door....This time is was for a CAKE takeaway shop....Delivery between 5pm & 11pm every night....I will order from it one day....As well as slices of cakes they do whole cakes, American candy, milkshakes, Belgian waffles and lots more....Everything sounds so good!

141/365. 21st May 2015

Becky has a new trick....Instead of speaking to me, she texts me and I am daft enough to reply....

142/365. 22nd May 2015

I was sent a copy of the DVD A Mouse's Tale a while ago to review but it was just the disc.....The lovely people from Lionsgate sent me these goodies just to say "Thank you" which I thought was so kind and sweet....


  1. We have bee having crazy weather too. Coats and boots last Monday, today we are sweltering on the beach! We have a hormonal teen too (and a tween!) Ickle Pickle x

  2. The weather this week has been ridiculous! I think we've had everything apart from snow! A cake takeaway sounds like the best idea ever!

  3. We also had hailstones last week, it was thankfully a short spell. Cake takeaway sounds very dangerous. :) Tacos look mighty tempting too.

  4. Fifi has text arguments/discussions with her mum as well.......what is the world coming too?????
    A cake take away certainly is different never heard of one before
    We really seem to have lost our distinct seasons ad do have weird weather all year.