Wednesday 13 April 2016

101 Reasons why I can't sleep...

Well not quite 101 reasons but it sure felt like that when I was trying to get to sleep on Monday night....I hadn't felt well all day and I was in such a foul mood....I went to bed early after having a lovely bath and planned on going to sleep early as the kids were back at school on Tuesday....hahaha 

I couldn't get to sleep....The more I tried the more angry and stressed I got.....

1. I was too hot.
2. I was too cold.
3. My nose was stuffed up.
4. It was too dark.
5. It was too light.
6. The kids wriggle a lot in their sleep and Ellie needs some WD40 put on her bed to stop the squeaks.
7. Stu was snoring.
8. The clock in our bedroom was ticking too loudly.
9. The clock in Ellie's room was clicking too loudly.
10. I had to get up to take the batteries out of the clocks and considered throwing them down the stairs. The clocks and the batteries.
11. Getting back into bed I thought I could blog about this.
12. I was thinking the blog post out in my head.
13. While writing the blog post in my head I realised in my head I couldn't say the word particularly.
14. I thought wouldn't it be great if you could just transfer your thoughts telepathically without typing to a blog post.
15. I had another idea for a blog post but can't remember it now.
16. Had I set the alarm for the morning?
17. My pillow is lumpy. I need new pillows.
18. Where will I get new pillows from?
19. I'm not going to look at the clock anymore.
20. Oh my goodness it's half past one. I could cry!
21. I left the bedroom door open.
22. I was thirsty.
23. I needed the toilet.
24. Getting back into bed I wondered if I had switched the bathrooom light off....I had. I checked!
25. I only have about 5 and a half hours until I have to get up.

I'm never going to bed early again. lol What's the point. When I do I never get to sleep! I am hoping it was just the fact it was the night before the first morning getting up for the school run that stopped me sleeping....


  1. I can so relate, I had a particularly bad night on Monday and it wasn't because i was worried about getting up for school because I no longer do that, my partner has to do it. I was disturbed my my oldest daughter who had two spiders in her room, my partner went to get one and five minutes later she found another in her bed!! Then my eldest son who is autistic and doesn't sleep well, decided to brush his teeth at 4am, and believe me, he does a thorough job, I could hear the tap going on and off for at least 5 minutes!
    Anyway, I do hope your sleeping pattern is back to normal now and you are feeling better x

    1. Eek! In the summer I was just dozing off to sleep and felt something on my arm, switched the light on and there was a spider. I would not go to sleep again until Stu had hunted it down and disposed of it. lol
      Ahh! At least your son is keen to keep his teeth clean. There'll be no worries for him at the dentist.
      Thank you! I think my sleeping is back to normal now. Phew x

  2. I'm totally the same when I can't sleep! As every minute passes I get more and more upset because that's one less minute of sleep I'm going to have and I know I'm going to suffer for it the next day!

  3. This made me giggle as I can so relate to this , my best blog posts always happen when I am in bed and I forget them by morning! Xx

  4. Oh isn't it so frustrating when you decide to have an early night and then can't sleep? I've lost count of the number of times I've had an idea for a blog post in the middle of the night and then forgotten about it by morning. And yes, I agree wouldn't it be nice if you could just transfer those thoughts from your head on to the computer without the need for typing!