Saturday 23 April 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 16

This week seems to have flown over....I think the nice weather has helped....I feel more productive and happier when the sun is shining.

107/366 16th April.
We had a movie night....The Good Dinosaur was our movie of choice.

108/366 17th April.
They had a Sunday of playing together.

109/366 18th April.
I started re-watching Lost at the weekend....I have watched so much I'm now dreaming about it....Just as I finished series two my fella dropped into conversation that we don't actually have the last series! I of course had to buy it off Amazon.

110/366 19th April.
My little lady....She loves the warmer weather because it means she gets to wear skirts which she loves.

111/366 20th April.
My fella hard at work upcycling a bathroom cabinet.

112/366 21st April.
We had a B&M store open up just up the road....It was madness. People were queuing to get in the door, me being one of them....I got quite a few bargains and could have easily spent more...

113/366 22nd April.
Becky did cookery at school and they made chicken nuggets and wedges.....This was all that was left...She had a snack on the way home. lol


  1. I used to love Lost and didn't actually finish it! At the moment I am hooked on Scandal. The weather has been lovely this week hasn't it. Fingers crossed it stays like it next week xx

    1. It was a rubbish ending. You didn't miss much. hehehe
      Ohh I've never seen Scandal.
      It was lovely. Such a shame it didn't last.

  2. Not heard of the Lost dinosaur...will have to check it out. I watched Lost, confused me...should watch it again I think!

  3. She looks lovely in her skirt! It's a great idea to upcycle a bathroom cabinet. I've never watched Lost, but my eldest bought a massive secondhand box set last year and is currently working his way through them!

  4. Sounds like a good week. Love the photo of Becky and Ellie playing together and Ellie's skirt is so pretty :-)

  5. Your ladies are very pretty! Love Ellie's skirt, so cute. Did you enjoy The Good Dinosaur? We haven't seen it yet.

  6. Bob likes that film as well. Lost seemed to go on forever with dozens of linked stories but I enjoyed it as well.
    Handy when you have someone to upcycle

  7. We enjoyed the Good Dinosaur and I really liked Lost, but my husband hated it :)