Tuesday 26 November 2013

Christmas is losing it's magic a little....

Over the last few weeks it's become quite obvious that Becky isn't believing in Father Christmas anymore and it's making me quite sad...It's like some of the magic has gone out of Christmas.....

Last year she had her doubts but I told her if she didn't believe she might not get any presents....I wanted to keep the magic going....Hold on to her being a child for a bit longer.....

This year she knows!! I want the magic back!!

I want to see the excitement in her eyes when she writes her Christmas list wondering if the elves are preparing her presents....The excitement of putting out mince pies for Santa & carrots for his reindeer's and going to bed on Christmas eve in her new Christmas Eve Pj's and trying to listen out for Santa....

I haven't told Becky that Santa doesn't exist....I'll let her make her own mind up.... I'm not telling her that Santa isn't real and run the risk of her saying something in front of Ellie who is still a big believer in Santa....I want to keep hold of the little bit of the magic that's left for as long as I can....

Both the girls will be receiving letters from Santa, leaving a mince pie and carrots on Christmas eve and of course sprinkling reindeer dust in the garden....

Later this week we'll be putting the Christmas tree and the decorations up....Probably Sunday....Hopefully that will bring some of that magic feeling back! 


  1. Aaaah bless...how special, such wonderful pictures too x

  2. Aw bless her... I wish I believed in Santa still x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Santa is real! I've seen him, he's not as fat as he used to be. Mrs Claus had him on Atkins last year ;)

    Hope she gets back her belief!

    Kate H (UK Bloggers)
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  4. I love Christmas, I am sure that even when they do know about Santa, it will be magical. Christmas is filled with wonder for me every year, so hopefully it will for them too!

  5. Aww no :(

    Stacey keeps asking if Santa is real and Nathan just tells her 'Don't believe and see if you get any Christmas presents then' lol. It is saddening to think that they no longer believe in him though. Maybe we just shouldn't lie to them in the first place?! Lmao.

    Louise x

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  6. Replies
    1. She's just turned 11 so done well to believe for this long....

  7. I know exactly what you mean. We managed to keep the magic going for a bit longer by getting Katie involved in creating the magic (and thus keeping the secret ) for her younger brother and sister. Not quite the same but it worked for quite a while. Marie

  8. I know what you mean. I remember the first Christmas that I didn't feel that anticipation of Father Christmas coming. I still love Christmas and cherish the family rituals more than anything. But I felt a pang when my daughter told me last year that she was feeling less excited about Christmas.