Thursday 28 November 2013

Make Christmas Magic with the Portable North Pole!!

Christmas is such a magical time and for the last few years the PNP - Portable North Pole website has added to the magic....For the last 4 or 5 years both Becky and Ellie have had a message from Santa.....This year I only made one for Ellie as Becky was so convinced Santa was most definately not real.....As soon as she saw Ellie's video she wanted one too.... For a few minutes I had my little girl back....The one who believed in Santa.....There is something magical about Santa saying your name which makes you forget he's not real and it makes you believe in the magic of Christmas all over again!!!

If you haven't used the site before and don't know what it's all about it's where you can make a custom-created video message from Santa Claus....This video explains it all!!

You can make it even more magical and personal by going for the Premium option which costs £2.99 where you get...

A completely new video twice as long (6 minutes)...
Unique video clips (not included in the standard version)...
A large variety of scenarios...
Add up to 5 personal pictures in the video....
Unlimited online views during the Christmas holidays....
Plus, a personalised bonus video sent from Santa’s sleigh for Christmas Eve....

It is so worth it.....My girls faces were fantastic!! Ellie's especially.....She nearly had a heart attack when the machine which checks the book about her broke down....She was worried she wasn't going to be on any list never mind the nice list.....hehehe

Whenever you purchase a personalised gift from Santa, PNP donates a portion to the Children’s Hospital closest to you. The one's in the UK are....

Barts and The London Charity for the Royal London Children’s Hospital, London
Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Manchester
York Hill Children's Hospital, Glasgow

I received a free portable north pole video upgrade and free call from Santa for posting this information....All thoughts and experiences are my own.


  1. what a wonderful idea, thanks for telling us all about it! I'll definitely be grabbing that code :-)

  2. We love the PNP videos ! The kids totally buy in to it , they do it so well !

  3. EEK... I hadn't realised PNP was up and running again for this year, thanks for the heads up Kim :-) my daughter was mesmerized by her video last year, I am so tempted to go for the premium version this year. Glad your girls loved their videos too. xx

  4. We used this last year and wow! love it! Can't wait again to use it this year too

  5. We did this last year for our boys - it was fab! They were so excited! and the bit about being 'on the good list' has been a useful behaviour motivator all year. And from one Northumberland mum to another - hello! xxx

  6. I didn't know about these videos. Sound lovely and may have to do it for my kids while they still believe in Santa.

  7. Ahhh what a good idea, they look like really lovely heart warming videos :)

  8. Great idea, sad to say that I think this is the last year that my two will really believe in Santa, Tooth Fairy etc :-(

  9. Oh, now this is lovely. Sadly, my babies are now all grown up!

  10. We've done this too! I still have to show Grace and write my post :) She adored it so much last year that I'm excited for the one. I cried when I watched it! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  11. I do it every year and my kids absolutely LOVE it! Just the other day my eldest asked me when I think his message will arrive.
    Made me realize I forgot all about it this year! Am running over now to prepare it for them :)