Thursday 10 April 2014

Easter from Poundland!!

Of course like every other year I've had a shopping spree in Poundland and filled a gift back with lots of treats for the kids.....I could go out and buy them lots of Easter eggs but they would either want to eat them all at once or just get bored of eating chocolate...It does happen every now and again! lol

Crafty things to do....

Paint Your Own Easter Bunny / Egg
Make Your Own Easter Basket
Make Your Own Pom Pom Friends

 Some lovely things for Baking....

Easter Cookie Cutter Set 4 Pack
Easter Cupcake Set
Silicone Easter Egg Mould

We're ready for an Easter egg hunt!!

Easter Egg Hunt Kit
Easter Egg Hunt Bag 150g 
6 Pack Large Eggs Assorted

And of course the all important Easter Eggs and treats....

One Direction Milk Chocolate Egg
Mini Mouse Easter Egg
Easter Marshmallow Pops 4 Pack

Decorate Your Own Easter Egg Kits

All of these items can be bought from your local Poundland for a bargain price of £1 per item!!


  1. I actually bought those cutters and the egg mould on Monday!

  2. That's great value, I wish we had one closer to home as we always pay over the odds for these kinds of things x