Saturday 5 April 2014

They will never know.....

You know you’re getting old when you start using the same sort of “kids these days” rants with your children that your parents threw your way long ago......I caught myself doing this recently when I was lecturing my two about how lucky they were to not have to get off their butts every time they wanted to change the channel on TV.....

I started thinking about things that my children find funny or quaint or things that they will never experience which were part of our collective culture growing up....

The relationship between a pencil and a tape.
The art of recording the Sunday Top 40 chart show with minimal DJ chat over the song.
The excitement of flicking through your newly developed photos as you walk through the town centre only to find half of them have your thumb over the lens.

The simple act of winding down a car window.

The glory of a four-hour marathon of eye spy because there were no TV/DVD players in the back of cars in the ‘olden days’

Trolls on top of pencils – an iPad just doesn’t offer a stable place for them to sit.
The old shake and blow trick to get your SNES Mario Land game cartridge working again.

Rotary dial phones – yes it really did take more than five seconds to dial a number. A number that you also had to memorise.

With all the CRB checks that child-minders need these days they will never set up their own ‘Babysitters Club’.

Waiting until Saturday morning for the decent cartoons.

The happiness that is circling what shows to watch in the TV magazine.

Leafing through the whole Encyclopaedia to find information on a rainforest – now it’s just a Google away.

The advert game – the first to guess the advert gets control of the remote. Now they just record and fast forward.

They’ll never know the true meaning of ‘WE WERE ON A BREAK’.

Loading a computer game via a tape recorder, which took ages. 

Using reverse charges to call your mum and dad at a payphone. Actually, will they even know what a payphone is?


  1. Brilliant...the other day a friend said to me that they'd just used the phrase "in MY day we didn't even HAVE the internet!"

    I used to religiously tape the Top 40 every Sunday then keep pausing my favourite songs to copy out the lyrics...always gave myself a high 5 too if I'd got them right when Smash Hits arrived! :)

  2. brilliant! I agree with them all. I remember getting a phone in the house and only being able to call anyone after 6pm. So much has happened with technology over the last decade that when you think about it, it really does blow your mind!

  3. Great post, haha I remember panicking over my tape being chewed up and carefully trying to reel it in :)

  4. Great post! I used to drive my mum mad running out of tea repeatedly to tape the charts! Also LOL at WE WERE ON A BREAK! It's such an iconic phrase ;)x

  5. Brilliant post! I think they all ring a bell with me! Xx