Wednesday 16 April 2014

The National Numeracy Challenge....

When it comes to doing simple sums half of adults struggle.....I am one of those which struggles! I have never been any good at Maths....I dreaded maths lessons at school and even faked sickness to get out of doing Algebra....It was like a foreign language to me.....I have a mental block when it comes to numbers.....It's just a jumble of confusion to me.  

 The charity National Numeracy has now launched a major check-up service to encourage people to test themselves online against a series of questions tailored to different ability ranges.

Questions start at the level expected of the average seven- to nine-year-old and rise to the standard of a 16-year-old with A* to C grades in maths. 

I got half of them right! Eek! It's a good job my girls are great when it comes to maths.....Becky is above the level she needs to be at school and some of the homework she brings home baffles me.....I think it's the way they do the working out now....Things have changed so much since I was at school....

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  1. I am scared to test myself =P I wont do it till I have the courage and I am bookmarking this post just so when that time comes I know where to get the link =P #pocolo