Friday 5 April 2013

Fakeaway - The new Takeaway!!

Eating out as a family is great but it’s certainly not cheap and if you have small children you may also need to consider dealing with the practicalities of nappy changes and temper tantrums.

A nice alternative is ordering takeaways, but again this can be quite expensive if you have a large family.

Instead, try out the ‘fakeaway’ option for a fun (and cheap!) evening at home...

Decide on a menu
What will it be tonight? Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican?

Use the internet to download your favourite budget-friendly recipes.

If your children are old enough, involve them in the food preparation and cooking. A lot of the supermarkets always have deals on for take-away food to eat at home....

 Set the scene

Turn your home into a restaurant for the night!  Think of a name for your restaurant and get the children to design and make a menu.

Ask your kids to lay the table with a table cloth, napkins and cutlery (or chopsticks if you’re eating Chinese food!).

 Add a vase of flowers and play some suitable background music to tie in with your menu theme.

Dress for dinner either in your ‘best’ clothes or along a particular theme, and enjoy your meal.

Finally, don’t forget to tally up how much money you have saved by not going out or ordering a take away!

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