Saturday 13 April 2013

It's back...

It's back....Tonight 7pm ITV!

We all love it here!!...Unlike X-Factor you never know what you're going to get....dancing dogs, comedians, contortionists, dancers or drag acts...Who knows?!

Then there's the judges....I love Simon Cowell & David Walliams....Amanda Holden I can take or leave.....Alesha Dixon is the only one I've never really warmed too...

The only thing I don't like about the show is the singers...
Most of them could audition for The Voice or The X-Factor!! The majority of them have no place on Britains Got Talent...Well apart from the likes of Susan Boyle and that little lass Connie Talbot!!

So tonight come 7pm we're going to be settled in front of the tv with lots of snacks and nibbles enjoying one of the best shows on tv!!

Will you be watching??  

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