Sunday 7 April 2013

Wrestlemania Tonight & Meet the Stars at Smyths Toy Stores!!!

I'm a huge wrestling fan in case you didn't know....I was watching the WWE when it was WWF.....So way back in the early 90's...

Tonight it is Wrestlemania 29!! 
The main Pay-Per-View of the year and I for one can't wait!!

A few of my fave ever wrestlers have matches...
The Rock, Undertaker & Triple H... 

The main event! Rock V's John Cena!

 Obviously Cena will win this...Rocky will be back off to make movies so I think he'll lose....Sure to be a great match though!!

The Undertaker V's CM Punk!!

Obviously I want The Undertaker to win....Him on the left!! He's fought at 20 Wrestlemanias and won every year!! This year can't be any different can it?

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred Match; If Lesnar wins, Triple H must retire)

I want Triple H to win (him at the front) but I think he may retire....He's going more into the management behind the scenes stuff as he's married to the owners/boss's daughter but who knows??

There are other matches too but these are the one's I'm really looking forward too.....Probably because the people involved don't wrestle every week and they're just legends....

It starts at midnight as it's live in America so I don't know how much I'll see as it runs for about 4 hours and after 11pm and I'm ready for Good job the kids are off school as there is no way I'd be up at 7am to get ready...hehehe

Oh Oh & If you want to meet a WWE Star they are visiting Smyths Toy Stores around the UK....Check out the site..


I'm quite tempted to go to my local store & meet them....hehehe! 

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