Monday 29 April 2013

Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday


Monday again!!
Last weeks meals went down a treat!!

The kids absolutely loved the Hot dogs with Spaghetti through and all the stuff that I won from the Ainsley Harriot hamper was lovely!! Well almost all of it....I tried the Couscous for lunch and I didn't like it at all....Nope not for me.....I ended up giving the couscous to a good friend of mine...She loves the stuff!

On Friday we had a man out to repair our fridge....It was too cold and the fridge part was freezing he messed about with it and over the weekend we've noticed the fridge isn't as cold as it should be and some of the freezer food is just to say frozen and will need eating up very soon...Got them coming back out on Tuesday to sort it hopefully!! So this week will be mainly eating stuff out of the freezer!! Not what I wanted at all...So glad I didn't do a big shop and don't have a fridge full of fresh food!!

 So on the menu this week we have....
Monday - Leftovers out of the freezer...Sausage casserole, spaghetti bolognese or curry! lol
Tuesday - Chicken burgers, chips & beans....
Wednesday - Cod Steaks In Butter Sauce with new potatoes.... 
Thursday - Cottage pie....
Friday - Pizza....
Saturday - Chinese takeaway....
Sunday - Chicken & chips.....

As always I've joined in with the wonderful At Home With Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky. 


  1. I hate it when the fridge/freezer lets you down. We've also previously had tea consisting of curry or spag bol or 'we're not really sure what this is yet'... :D
    Hope it gets fixed tomorrow! :)

  2. Bad luck with the feezer. I need to have a few meals based on the contents of ours as it needs defrosting.

    Have a great week

  3. Mmmm loving the sound of the cod in butter sauce :)