Saturday 20 April 2013

Movie Guide For Parents....

 How often has your family sat down to what was promised to be a nice PG family movie, to just end up having to cover the kids eyes constantly?

Well it turns out there are resources out there to help parents find family suitable movies, so that the evening stays fun and light-hearted instead of full of embarrassment....

Kids In Mind
This website gives descriptions of each movie listed, as well as user reviews for cross reference. It also provides a colour coded and numerical rating on profanity, nudity and violence in each film.

Parent Previews
This in depth site allows parents to even view variables such as how much alcohol is consumed in the movie. It will also provide parents with notes on movie length, as well as cast members in all the latest releases. Along with all this, the site will also provide alternative movie ideas for the more unsuitable movies.

Screenit provides an even more in depth analysis of movies than Parent Previews, using a bar graph of more than 10 different variables in a movie, as well as ranking them from “light” to “extreme”.

Now you can happily leave the kids to watch that movie they wanted, or have a fun family night without being on edge the whole time wondering if you’ll have to do damage control at any minute. So check up on the sites, then pop the popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show!

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