Saturday 6 April 2013

Not much to report!!

Hello there!! I haven't really much to report!! I say that now but I bet this ends up a long post!! lol

Not really been anywhere or done much that could fill a blog post so I've waited for today and putting it all in one post!!

I have totally lost track of what day it is....Good Friday seemed like a Saturday!! Then there was the real Saturday then Sunday....Then Easter Monday seemed like a Sunday too....Then I gave up trying to work out what day it was..

I probably shouldn't be writing about this as I don't know how my dad would feel about me writing about his life on my blog but hey ho!! Tuesday my dad came for a visit and brought his girlfriend!!!....I don't know if that's the right thing to call her....It's not like they're So that was interesting...It was the first time I met her I've spoken to her a couple of times on the phone and that't it!! Anyway we hit it off.....She's a huge Bon Jovi fan so it's all good....hehehe My dad brought my great Aunt Jean too....The girls were spoilt rotton!! Was lovely to see them all....Was going to take some pics but in the excitement of it all I forgot!! Must get some good pics of my family....I have hardly any!!

Also on Tuesday I received an Electronic cigarette to review!! I was squealing with excitement...I don't think I'd been that excited since I'd been wanting to buy one as a couple of my friends have them but it's one of those things I never got around to doing....As much as I smoked pulling £30 out in one go seemed a lot! So I didn't know it was coming...I'd asked to review one but nobody told me I was getting one until a couple of hours after it had came...Then I received the email!! I have the review coming up next week so I will say no more about it!!

We've plodded along with the rest of the week....For the first time this year the kids have been playing outside in the garden.....It's still been cold but at least the sun has been shining....Ohh and we've had no snow!! I think this is the first time this year we've had a full week without the white stuff!!

Also this week....

And what's the deal with North Korea & that Kim Jong Un....I keep catching snippets on the news but everything I read on twitter or online is mocking him.....And on Twitter the #NorthKoreaFootballChants really made me laugh!!

So this afternoon is the Grand National!

Will you be having a bet?

I might.....The only time of the year when I'm really interested in horse racing......Yes people say it's cruel and a horrible thing....I'm not getting into a debate about it....My dad was a jockey! I grew up on a farm and my dad bread/bought & sold race horses, he has friends who were jockeys and their children, my friends are too so I have been brought up around the sport....If you don't like it don't watch it and don't condemn those who do!! Ok! lol

Have a great weekend!!!

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