Wednesday 5 February 2014

My laptop troubles are over!!

Way, way back last year my laptop broke...It was actually on Ellie's birthday the 29th of August that it decided to break down....I blame the birthday balloons and all the static! Just a

We took it to a computer shop and they said it was the motherboard that had blown....That sounded about right....For the none technical people out there the motherboard is the heart of a laptop...The main circuit board in a computer.....The motherboard had blown a couple of times before but I had the product support on it and got it fixed free of charge.....I let the product support slip and didn't pay it so I would have to pay to fix it myself....

The computer shop said it would cost £120 for a motherboard and £40 to fit it.....Not a chance was I paying that so I got onto Ebay.....They varied from about £40 to £100.....Far too much for us to afford with the kids birthdays, my birthdays, Halloween and Christmas coming.....It would just have to wait!! 

Luckily we had a spare laptop.....The one the girls used...That would do for the time being....Well it would but about a week before Christmas this happened!!

 The screen cracked!! I didn't do anything!! I just shut the lid it was fine....Opened it and I had this!! I could of cried!! The more I moved the laptop the bigger the crack got....My fella the computer whiz had a genius idea and a quick fix to see me through till after Christmas....

He took the screen off the laptop and got a cable and plugged it into a small tv on the table besides me!.....Totally cannibalized, wires everywhere but it worked and that's what I've been using since just before Christmas...

Monday the time came....We had enough money to buy a motherboard for my first laptop.....Finally!! 

I was quite amused by all the faulty motherboards for sale on there.....The next free listing day I'll be putting my broken one on there....Even if I sell it for half the price as the one's on there I would still be getting £10 or £15!! Money for something I would normally throw out!!

I got one for £59.99!! A fraction of the price we were quoted from the computer shop....Ordered it Monday and it was here by Tuesday!! Brilliant service!!

Stu got on with fitting it......He only had to look at YouTube for instructions once and that was only because he got the microphone & speaker wires mixed up.....The moment come to switch it on and it worked.....For a second!! It went on the start up Acer screen and then nothing!! No windows...A problem with the hard drive.....

So close to being fixed but Stu had to go to work....I had to wait....He was a star though....As soon as he got home he got straight too it....Turns out the hard drive was broken too....Luckily we had a spare in an old laptop which needs a new screen....I swear my home is a graveyard for broken old laptops....

It is taking some getting used to after months of using a different keyboard but I have my laptop back and hopefully my laptop troubles are over for now!!


  1. Oh I hate computer problems. Lucky for you your fella is handy

  2. Oh my gosh I wouldn't even know where to begin!

    Glad it's now fixed

  3. Oh gosh I have three faulty laptops stored in a laptop bag on top of my tallest bookcase. One of them is just too ancient to support modern technology, the other two don't work on the batteries. I've been meaning for ages to transfer all my writing and photos over onto my new laptop since november but I never seem to get round to it lol. Glad you're all sorted now