Wednesday 12 February 2014

Wrappz Personalised Mugs - Review

Last week I discovered a company called Wrappz who specialise in personalised phone cases, covers & skins. Custom laptop skins and stickers. iPhone, iPad & iPod touch cases, skins and more all made in the UK....

That wasn't what interested me though....It was their Personalised Mugs which caught my eye!!

"Whether it's the latest family photo collage or an image from your recent adventure holiday, seeing your favourite image on your mug each morning is sure to bring a smile to your face. You can also have slogans or humorous text printed to complete the look"

There are 3 types of mugs to choose from.... 

 A 15oz Stein Mug is perfect for those of you who can't seem to get enough of their morning beverage. Also suitable for gifting, the stein mug gives you a slightly bigger surface that can be personalised with a glossy image...

A 10oz White Ceramic Mug that comes in the shape of a classic coffee mug
but allows you to custom make it in ways that can heighten your sense of artistic creation. ...

A 10oz Porcelain Mug that boasts of a timeless appeal for any occasion.
Add a 'classic' touch to your drink-ware with this high-quality, clean-lined lightweight mug that also allows you to personalise it with your choice of design or a glossy image.

We chose the 15oz Stein Mug....Perfect for my morning coffee!!

I got on with making the design for the mug.....Of course you can use your own photos and even add some extras like smiley faces and goofy eyes....If you don't want to use your own photos they have a huge selection of picture on the website to use....You are bound to find something you like....

There are step by step instructions all the way through the process of designing your mug....I'm no computer expert and found it easy to understand...

It was just a case of picking the photos, uploading them to the site and then fitting them into the box which is the right size for the mug....It took me longer to decide which pictures to use then it did to make the mug it was that simple!!

As well as adding images you can change the colours of them....You can have it in black or white or with a sepia effect....Very fancy!! You can also add text....Perfect if it's a gift for somebody....You can leave them a little message so they never forget who gave them such a fabulous mug!!

I chose these three photos for our mug....One of the girls together and two by themselves.... What else would I They love seeing their faces on things like this....They find it so amazing!!

I ordered it late on Thursday afternoon and it arrived on the Saturday morning...

I think it's fantastic!! The middle picture is a bit darker than the picture I uploaded but it just seems to be the background which is fine!! The other two pictures are perfect though....

The mug is big enough for my morning coffee but not too big that it makes it difficult to lift the mug with one hand....This would make an ideal gift...

I would definitely recommend this company....It's hassle free, quick to deliver and send great quality products!
Family Fever
I was sent this mug free of charge for the purpose of this review....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!!


  1. The photos have come out well! Love the pics of your children. Great idea

  2. aw how cute , i got one for my husband form the kids, i do it every year for xmas and also on valentines day i get hima special one for me , they are a lovely touch x

  3. I have one of their skins for my Kindle - didn't realise they did mugs too, they look great!

  4. Aww these are such a great idea, I think I would opt for the 15oz size too, love my morning coffee! :-) ps. Lovely pictures of your girls! xx

  5. I think these would make a perfect Mother's Day gift!! I like that you can get different sized mugs because I know my mum prefers drinking out of thinner mugs and other places I've seen that do these are usually quite thick bog standard mugs :) xx

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  6. Great mug, we reviewed the stein mug too and love it, so glad you like yours too!

  7. Would make a great gift for any occasion! Thanks for linking with #TriedTested

  8. Love this, I bet it makes you smile every time you use it #triedtested

  9. I reviewed their Ipad case and was impressed with the quality, I love the mug it looks great #TriedTested

  10. These look great - I love personalised things!!

  11. What a great gift idea!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  12. This looks lovely, personalised mugs are such a great gift idea. I was looking for somewhere to order photo mugs, so thanks for the recommendation!

  13. I too love getting my items personalised. It gives it a more special and personal meaning, which is what I love! x