Saturday 15 February 2014

North Vs South.....

'It's grim up North' goes the song of the same name. Rubbish! It's brilliant up here!!

We are hardened to the cold....

 ‘-10°? Might have to pop a jumper on.’ You develop a skin thicker than thick when you brave the Northern winter...It might actually be against the law to wear a coat or jacket for a night out in Newcastle....hehehe

Chips and Gravy!!

 Anything and gravy in fact....

Everyone is friendlier up North!

Northerners are always happy to help, you need never fear asking for directions in the North. If you get a flat tyre, not only will someone help you put the spare wheel on, they’ll also change your oil, top up your wiper fluid...hehehe
Newcastle Brown Ale.

‘Newkie Brown’ - the brown ale that originated in Newcastle...It's the best-selling imported beer in America

The Countryside...

There’s a reason Wuthering Heights wasn’t set down south...The dales, the moors, the Lake District, so full of drama and power. It’s simply staggering....

The Baked Goods...

You will never find a better pie anywhere outside the North, that’s a stone cold fact. Then you’ve got all the local delicacies like Eccles cakes, congress tarts and stottie cakes. You can get them outside the North, but they’re just not as good, so what's the point?

It's Cheap!

The rent is cheap, the drinks are cheap, going out is cheap, travel is cheap, takeaways are cheap. Moving to the North could be the best financial decision you ever make.


You haven’t had a brew until you’ve had a Northern brew.... There must be just something in the water which makes tea taste better!!


  1. The funny thing about the N/S divide is: I live in S.Wales, yet as an area, we have more in common with the North lol xx

  2. Ooh those chips and gravy look tasty! I've been to Edinburgh once a while ago and spent a brief hour in Newcastle. People were very friendly and we had a very tasty meal. :)

  3. Living somewhere in the middle I'm not sure about any of it! Spent lots of time in Yorkshire as a child and can vouch for the fact that they were all very friendly.

  4. Oh my these chips and gravy look so good :) I am so fed up of this cold weather though... roll on summer...

  5. I'm a northerner at heart and my hubby thinks I am ill if I don't put gravy on my chips

  6. haha - I'm half northern so I like to think I get the best of both worlds! lol x Gravy on chips though.... somehow, this just seems wrong... LOL! x

  7. I am team south but I cannot resist chips 'n' gravy!