Wednesday 26 February 2014

Room 101!

I saw this a while ago over on Verily Victoria Vocalises....I wanted to take part....I have a loathing for many things and this would be an excellent opportunity to have a rant!!

In case you didn’t know what Room 101 is, it is a room that was introduced in the George Orwell novel ’1984′ and was a torture chamber where the prisoner was subjected to his or her nightmare. It has now become a place where people consign the things they dislike the most....

I could probably think of 100 things to put in there never mind 10!!... 

1. Girls who wear way too much make up and look like Oompa Loompa's.... 
Foundation and fake tan are meant to look believable as your own skin...Not fecking carrot sh*t smeared across your face....I mean it doesn't say instant Oompa Loompa on the bottle...Do they not own a mirror or do they believe they look good?

2. Telephones.... 
I hate speaking on the phone to people and it annoys me when people phone me especially telemarketers! I hate trying to get assistance over the telephone only to be directed to “press this number” umpteen times and don't get me started on the music that plays when you’re on hold.... 

3. Dog Poo.....
Or the owners which don't pick it up after there pooch has pooped! It's a part of the responsibility of having a dog....Get a bag and find a bin.....If I see a dog having a poo I will slow down and see if the owner picks up the poo if not I will say something to them....

4. Lorraine Kelly...
She has to be one of the most annoying people on tv!! She has that inane irritating giggle and a really stupid fake grin....Her voice goes straight through me.... Everything about her grates on me!  

5. Wasps..... 
They sting repeatedly and indiscriminately just because they can and bees cant! unlike bees they make nothing!! They just make horrible papery nests like those lampshades you get in IKEA!

6. Cous Cous!
Awful stuff!! The texture is awful! No amount of added garlic or herbs or stock can make it taste of anything other than sawdust...

7. Self-service checkouts!
Every time I've used one it's taken twice as long.... Something always goes wrong!! Whether it's one of the barcodes not scanning or some problem with an item not having been put in the baggage area....Which means like some naughty schoolgirl I have to put my hand up and call over someone to come and help me!!

8. Boris Johnson!
I was tempted to put all politicians into Room 101 they're all as bad as each other but instead I will pick on just one....The Mayor of London – Boris Johnson. This man is a bumbling oaf and it amazes me that he can get dressed in the morning, let alone run the capital of England. He struggles to speak because he constantly has his foot in his mouth and has the ability to embarrass himself because of his appearance and his irritating voice.

9. Little Bouncy Balls!
I hate them....My girls seem to have collected hundreds of them over the years....Every now and then a couple will appear and be bounced around the house...Hitting everything and the noise they make really annoys me...Then they get left on the floor and I stand on them and they hurt....

10. Max & Ruby!
The TV show on NickJr I think...Becky loved it when she was younger and Ellie still loves it now......Ruby, the older sister of Max is a bossy, controlling and a whiny little bunny. She is apparently the primary caregiver to Max since the parents are yet to be seen. How many times in one episode can we hear the phrase “No Max!! Horrible show...Max and Ruby has no educational value and if anything teaches bad habits to children...

I’m not going to tag anyone as I think I’m pretty much the last blogger on the Internet to have done this


  1. I am with you regarding dog poo...
    Did talking to "not picking" owner work for you?
    All I ever get is an evil eye or a mouthful...

    1. I have shamed people into picking up poop man I spoke to once picked it up with a tissue! Eww!!

  2. oooh am going to agree with all of these too lol , and like yo could add soo many more x

    1. hehehe! I could of written this post 10 times over with 10 different things each

  3. Oh god the dog poo thing is awful - I live in a very doggy area as we're by a huge common and it's quite ridiculous how many owners allow their pooches to shit on my road! If I ever catch one of them I will take a photo and post it far and wide! lol x

  4. I am totally with you on the make up one. I used to love Max and Ruby, as well as Maggie and the ferocious beast. I used to watch them with our daughter. Great fun.

  5. Ok I'm so gonna tag myself for this as I still haven't done this and it sounds like fun! Have to agree with 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 haha! Like minded, I like!

  6. I did my own post on Room 101 a long time ago :) I'm with you on numbers 1-3, especially no 2 - apart from utilities and banks etc, the only people who ring me are male, and expect me to drop everything to talk them! Why they cannot text I do not know!!!